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The First Look Of White iPhone X Device Review

Hey, guys, what’s up girl here today we’re taking a look at the iPhone 10 in the silver color. It’s, straightforward slightly futuristic and looks pretty neat. But there is the box, and I got the 64 gigabyte version in the silver color for me. So this is fun I’ll be using. And I mainly went with the 64 gigabyte because I pay for iCloud storage. So I store basically almost everything in iCloud. And I wasn’t gonna pay, you know, like $100 for, for the storage when this phones already like $1,050 with tax here in the States. So I opted for this. And yeah, let’s go ahead and open this right up, the design by Apple in California, writing there.

And of course, we’re going to get the little pamphlet stickers and nothing special. So everything you’re going to add here is the same that you get in the iPhone eight and iPhone a plus and iPhone seven iPhone success, etc, etc. Of course here we have that silver color, which is like a white color. Unfortunately, it looks like it is the same color that we saw last month with the iPhone eight. It’s like slightly cloudy, slightly dark, and only really looks bright white in nice bright sunlight or lighting. But yeah, let’s go ahead and fold that back here so that we can keep it stored nicely. And remind because that’s not perfect. Make sure that’s good.

 Okay, good enough. And moving on, we of course, are going to get the air pods, which again, nothing special, we have the adapter here from the lightning to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in Case you want to use headphones. Of course, we have the lightning cable, and the power brick, nothing special, this phone the iPhone eight support fast charging, but you have to get a special power brick from the MacBooks. And then get a lightning to USB C cable. And that will fast charge your device like 50% and 30 minutes, something like that. But it doesn’t come included. And that’s like an what 50 or $60. So yeah, I’m not gonna bother with that. And of course, it does have wireless charging, but let’s go ahead and boot this guy up.

Now right off the bat, the first thing that you’re gonna feel with this phone is, it’s a little bit wider than the average iPhone and the phones out there right now. So here we have the S eight, which is a very thin and tall phone. And this is a slightly less tall phone and but a little bit slightly wider, and you can really feel that you can maybe see it if I put it one on top of the other. It’s the tiniest bit right there. And it’s uh, not visually noticeable, definitely noticeable you are actually holding it in your hand, it doesn’t make it uncomfortable, you can just feel that it has a larger presence kind of similar to the iPhone eight plus, of course, nowhere near big and more, you know, screen to bezel ratio.

 So I definitely you know, would still go over this over the plus 1000 times I just hate the A pluses size, how big it is, and how many, or how much bezel it has compared to, you know, the sad or even the normal iPhone eight or iPhone seven. So I here we have the boot up screen, you can see how it looks there, you can see the bar up top. And yeah, not a big fan of that bar. I know people say they get used to it, I can guarantee I will never get used to having a bar there. And we shouldn’t because the next phone won’t have that bar likely. So you know, that’s that I’m going to go ahead and go through the setup process real quick. So we can get this set up.

And then show you guys how it looks with iOS 11. Now before we continue, one thing I notice here real quick is that the UI here has like a fake bezel at the bottom, so that it brings the keyboard up a little bit more so that it’s easier to type. So you have to go down and makes a lot of sense doesn’t look that great, but it makes sense. I’m guessing that in other apps, you’ll have other things here that will serve for you know some things that developers can use. With that said, let’s go ahead and set up face ID right here.

 Continue, how to set up face ID first position your face in the camera frame, move your head in a circle to show all angles of your face. So let’s go ahead and do this. We’re gonna go ahead and do it real quick. I can’t do it in camera can see there, I can’t get it there. But I’ll do it real quick here behind the camera. See how fast it is. And it’s already done face ID scan complete. And that was it. Lighting is not that great on my face and all the lighting is here. So we’ll see how that ends up working. I’ll probably oh wait reposition your face within frame your faces out of view.

 So real quick. I got to do it again. I guess I don’t know why. That was the second face ID so you do it twice and then it’s set up and we’re good to go. Now you create a passcode I was switched to the four digit one just because I Hate using the long runs, it just takes too long. You know four digits already difficult enough to guess by anyone. And yeah, no need for the longer one unless you have some important info on your phone, I’m going to go ahead and restore from iCloud backup, just set up my phone right away, so it’s going to take some time. And here just to show you guys real quick, this does have true tone display, which is what we got on the iPad. And on the iPhone eight, you can see the difference right there.

When I tap, right here, it’s matched more to the lighting in the room. And then if I like or click on this, you can see it’s a little bit wider and doesn’t really match the overall tone of lighting. So pretty neat feature. And it’s included in this one, of course, because it’s pretty much an iPhone eight with just some features on top. And now it’s restoring from iCloud and I wait for an eternity while this gets set up. And I’ll come back after it does. Alright, so we’re done with the setup. And here we have this kind of menu, where it shows you some of the new gestures they added to replace the home button.

So of course you swipe up from the bottom to go home, you switch between apps by stopping halfway. And you can quickly access the control middle and Notification Center on both of the corner here, which is pretty neat. And last but not least, there’s many toggles here with the switch or the lock button, you can tap and hold it for many seconds to talk to Siri. And you can tap and hold for a long time to turn the phone off, you know to get the usual thing to turn the phone off.

And then if you quick press, of course, you’re going to lock it. So three different actions with that button. Let’s swipe up. And here we have the Home Menu. Of course, it’s loading all my apps. And you can see how it looks there. The dock looks very simple. You can’t use it in landscape mode on this one. And you know, it doesn’t really matter, they got rid of that I don’t think many people even use that ever, it more or less was accidentally triggered. So good thing that they got rid of that. And you can see how it looks there. Just beautiful display, we can drag down here, we can bring the brightness up and down, let’s put it there.

And Notification Center. Definitely our main control middle looks better here than it does. I mean, it just makes more sense the way it’s laid out here towards the top, and that it comes out from there. And then here, of course, we have our lock screen. And you can see there, it’s unlocked because recognizes my face. Yeah, here we have the flashlight, which is uses 3d touch, you don’t just tap it, you have to press down hard and it turns on the flashlight, which is really cool. And it feels great. You know, it kind of feels like you’re toggling the switch. And we have the camera which do the same thing.

 And there you go. Now of course this does have the new features with portrait mode. And it has that feature on the front facing camera, which the plus doesn’t have. And we drag down and of course, we went back there. Then we drag up. And here we are. And of course it’s going to begin asking me for all my passwords and everything. But yeah, guys, you can see the iPhone there. This was just a quick unboxing and quick look at the silver color here. And you can see it there. This is the one I’m sticking with just because for so many years I’ve said I want Apple to release one with a silver back and a black front, which kind of they did. I mean, it’s not really silver, but it passes in my book, I kind of wish that these sides here would have been darker. I mean, I’m not a big fan of this.

 I wasn’t a fan of it on the essays either. I just feel like they scratch up very easily and you can see the scratches. But yeah, I think it looks very nice. I mean, this camera hearing kind of looks just like the dummy phone we tried out many months ago I mean, of course it’s $1,000 so you really got to think it through before you get it is a phone worth $1,000 In my opinion, No, you shouldn’t spend $1,000 on the phone Of course if you can get it through a carrier and do like monthly payments upgrade year you have the iPhone upgrade program already definitely worth upgrading but if you’re thinking about spending 1012 $100.13 $100 on this phone outright I highly recommend you don’t do that.

 The iPhone seven the iPhone eight they’re all capable phones much cheaper and better bang for your buck you know the S eight pixel two if she sees got a new one, I mean there’s a lot of phones out there that won’t mean what you’re looking for if you look correctly, and that decide on one but yeah guys, that’s pretty much it for this video. You have questions feel free to leave them down below in the comments or at me on twitter at RMR dnl or at dark gadgets I will get back to you there I can. Of course on Snapchat too. You can follow me there and ask me anything there. But yeah, guys, that’s it for this article. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Goodbye.



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