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The First Impression Of Microsoft Surface 32GB Review

Hey guys, what’s up down here from dark guides content, we take a look at the surface from Microsoft. Now this is the Windows RT version, the regular version will not come out until maybe many months, Microsoft hasn’t really announced it. This is the $600 model, it comes with a black Touch Cover, and 32 gigabytes, you cannot choose your touch cover of choice, unless you get the regular surface and then buy the Touch Cover separately, in which Case it would be more than $600. But yeah, I waited many hours in line. And they gave me this free one year pass to Xbox music, I have no idea how I’m going to use it.

And I guess when you buy it, you get this booklet, which comes with many promo codes for downloads on Barnes and Noble. And you get like a month of free Skype calls international and many other goodies, which is cool to see. Now taking a closer look at the box, you can see I mean, it’s very simple, there is nothing important around here in the back just tells you about what’s included in of the box. And on the sides. We just have logos and branding. But yeah, let’s get to the good stuff, we just pull this out right here. And sorry, I’m zoomed in so close it so you can see the tablet better and the accessories when it comes up. So you can see here, no white box, beneath it is another slide.

So let’s take out the Touch Cover here. And this one sells for about $120 by itself. very slim, but we’ll take a look at that in a second. Aside for now and in here are getting get looks to me like just regular paperwork and stuff. The surface itself through a pull out right now to a side. And you can see it kind of looks like the MacBook Pro chargers or Apple’s chargers. Magnetic laps like that. So it attaches safely. It just looks kind of nice. And of course, we have the power brick right there. Very regular stuff. It’s a nice cord, heavy duty and comes with a clip there.

 Good to see good to see. Let’s see this. Just Of course, some regular paperwork, getting started guy hardware setup, you want to read if you’re not familiar, with Windows eight, or of all this new stuff. And yeah, so let’s move on to the most important thing here. Let me focus that in for you. All right. And, of course, the tablet itself. put aside here and nothing else is important right now. But yes, here we have it. It’s a pretty large tower you can see there because of the whole video screen right here.

 So this is why it was really an awkward angle to shoot at. It’s pretty large. Let’s just start to boot this up right now while we take a look at it. Alright, so there we got it to turn on and kind of took wall right there. But yeah, let’s take a look at it closer. At the top here we have a front facing camera. Now these cameras are HD or anything. They’re pretty low quality compared to what Apple has on the iPads and we have one on the back. Now you can see right there I’ve been holding it for like many seconds and the fingerprints are crazy. But yeah, let’s just take a look at what’s in here. A closer look.

 We have a headphone jack right there. We have a speaker grille right there we have the volume buttons, a little, you know, latch right there, so you can pull that back requires a good amount of force. I mean, you can flick it, no open. Then in here, Nope, that’s on the other side. We’ll get there in a second.

 At the bottom we have the of course the attachments so that we can attach the Smart Cover not the Smart Cover the Touch Cover that it comes with. Alright then right here we have for the charger it’s magnetic. So let me show you that real quick. should attach. There we go. Nice and strong, just like a MacBook that we have a USB connector which is really nice to see on a tablet. Many people still use myself included, I use it all the time, we have a what looks to be a micro USB. And then another speaker girl, of course, at the top, we have the sleep and wake button.

 And it looks to be some microphones or speaker girls. But yeah, I mean, here we pull this up, we’re going to find a micro SD card right in there, our slot, I’m not sure if you can see that. Probably cannot see that. But it’s there. Alright, so moving right along here, you can see that it has booted up, and we’re going to take the cover here, and it’s just going to latch on very easily right there just kind of it’s very strong to pull off and take apart. I mean, it requires a lot of force, you can hear that. We can compare it real quick to the Smart Cover sound.

 So there we go. And then let’s take the iPad real quick. So you can see the sound on this. Yeah, so I mean, the sound on this is much meaningful, I mean, the magnets on this are much more stronger. Real comparison, I’m not really going to compare it here and compare it in a different video. But just so you can see real quick, maybe you don’t watch those. I mean,

slightly thicker. Of course, the edges are not beveled. And it’s much longer, much longer indeed. So it makes it feel a lot heavier and a lot sturdier.

But, I mean, comparing the weight right here out of hand, this one weighs a lot more. It kind of feels, you know, like like a notebook. But it does have a more premium feel to it. You feel very excecutive. Now, of course, this just opens like so you bring it down like this, and you pull back that like so to get this kind of like, you know, laptop layout. Looks pretty damn nice right there. So if we move this around, you can see the mouse is there. And now the button right here, this is capacitive. It’s not an actual button, which I thought it was before I played with it. But you can see works fine. Let me just type in my password real quick.

 All right, so password has been set up and I’m not really going to go over of the UI. You should be familiar with this. If you’ve ever used windows eight if you’re not I’ll probably make a video going over it and comparing it to many other things. And make a video just the keyboard alone but I mean that’s pretty much it for the unboxing it looks pretty damn nice for first impressions. I mean, you can just see there everything just makes gives it that much more of an experience. Now of course subscribe if you want to check out more content on the Microsoft Surface and next week we’ll we’ll be getting our hands on the iPad Mini and comparing all of these together. But yeah, thank you guys for watching and we will catch you guys in the next article. Goodbye.



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