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Latest Version OF Solo2 Wireless Headphones Review

Hey guys, how’s it going here today we’re gonna be unboxing, the beat solo two wireless headphones. And they are the latest headphones from beats, and they retail for $300. And they just came out right in time for the holidays. And we’re gonna go ahead and open these up and see if they are worth it. And check out the sound quality and compare it to another pair of headphones. But yeah, here’s the box. It’s very simple and very similar to those of the other headphones like the solo twos and the studios. And you just get some information around the box. And you have this really glossy plastic here that we’re just going to rip off right now. Just cut right through that.

Now the last time that I unbox Beats by Dre was a few years back when they were first starting off, they contacted me, and I was a lot younger, we checked out the I believe it was the first solos, not 100%. Sure. So here we got the box of Beats by Dr. Dre, though solo HDS. These come with control talk, so you can control the music while you’re listening to it. But yeah, those are pretty good back then. And I mean, I wasn’t a big audio person. So anything I heard that was better than the average headphone i thought was good. So we’re going to see if these are good compared to the Audio Technica a th m 50 X’s which I have in my possession right now.

But yeah, these are wireless. And we’re going to see how they are. But let’s go ahead and push this box up right here. So we can just open this right up. And of course, they have been acquired by Apple. So, the quality will improve from here on out. Because of course a lot of people do bash on beats for being higher price than the competitors. But having lost sound quality, yeah, here we have a very simple matte black box with beats logo. The first thing that you get here is change the way you hear sound. And we’re going to be presented with the carrying Case that can be found on pretty much every other beats headphone. And in there, we don’t get anything else. So it’s just a big box.

And that’s it. I believe there’s anything else in there? I think so. So let’s see what’s in here. And yeah, they’re pretty small headphones. I mean, the the overall footprint is very small. And I guess in there, we should have the cable. So we’ll check the box again in a second. And yeah, here the headphones themselves, we got a beats name up there. Very simple text. we have a little sticker here that tells you that you can connect the keyboard here to charge it. And let’s see what’s in here. Yep, so we do get a little manual for, you know, quickstart guide, probably going to tell us more information about beats in general. And I don’t want to break this. Yep, just some more information about beats in general.

And the quickstart guide had a pair of them all that good stuff. We have the USB cable here so that you can charge them. It’s a very nice looking USB cable. Very nice. Very nice quality. I don’t know if you can see that. But Yep, let’s put that to one side. We have a clip right here for the carrying Case. And last but not least, we have the actual wires because in Case these out, you want to use them with a wire instead of using them wirelessly when they’re dead. And you do have of course control talk so you can listen and talk to people and all that good stuff. And the control talk that is here is embedded wirelessly onto the headphones from what I’ve seen or heard, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll be checking out.

I’ll come back to you guys after I’ve used these for a few hours, watch a few movies and some TV shows. And I’ll tell you guys how they compare to the eth and 50 x’s, which are nearly half the price. Now, I will keep in mind that these are wireless how Of course test out the quality between the wired and wireless but yeah, here you have the new Beats Solo two. And I’ll come

right back. Alright guys, so I’ve been using them for almost a week now and I was planning on using them only for a few days to give you my honest opinion. I think I had said that I would use it for the rest of the day and then I would tell you guys but uh yeah, I use it for about a week. And First things first, the Bluetooth connection.

 I did experience a few jobs so we’re not a big deal definitely worth pointing out a few times there was a problem where the headphones would completely disconnect and they would not reconnect back to my phone. I would have to go back into settings and tap on the you know Beats by Dre solo button. Or I would have to return these on or reboot them to get it to show up on my phone. So it was some weird headphone glitch or Bluetooth glitch, and I don’t know what was happening. And then it stopped happening. Then many other times after that I experienced where there’s a loud beep on the headphones.

And then the headphones would reconnect, just after a few seconds, and then I could hear again, but it was weird, but worth noting that this happen to you. But hopefully it doesn’t. And if it does, it be defective in some way. It didn’t happen again. So that’s why I would not exchange them for another pair. But if it kept happening, I would of course, them for a newer pair. As comfort goes, which is very important. They’re just like the solo twos that came out. They’re very small, they’re easy to carry around, you can close these right up and fold them like this.

 And it’s super easy to just you know, they’re they’re very small. And compared to the Audio Technica 80 H and 50 X’s that I have right here. These are bigbyou know, a pain to carry around. But these are over ear headphones, and these are on air headphones. So there’s a big difference there in terms of size. Now, next thing is the audio quality, which I was thoroughly impressed. I mean, I don’t know why beats get so much flack for, you know, sucking when they don’t really suck, I guess just because they’re really expensive. $300 for a pair of wireless headphones is definitely something that a lot of people can’t spend money on.

 I know that I would not, because I’m not a big music fan. But these were about 120 on sale. So that’s why I got them maybe sometimes I will want to connect to my computer and not listen to anything else. But most of the time I use use my Apple earbuds. And I think that’s just fine. So yeah, these of course, provide some great audio. And I thought these were great. The only maybe minor let little things that I should note, in case you are huge, you know, music guy or audio file is that on these the background noises on things like TV shows and movies and certain songs, they they wouldn’t be like clear to listen to so maybe some instruments in the background or some things going on in the background, they would just kind of mesh together and just become one overall noise in the background.

And it’s kind of hard to explain, but that’s what would happen with these. I didn’t mind it, I thought it sounded just fine. Now when you put these on, you hear a little bit more detail in the background, more of the things that are happening around and you get kind of a sense of where everything is. And I think on on these just you know beats are famous for bass heavy headphones. And that’s what these are.

 I mean, when you’re listening to bass heavy songs or anything like that, you kind of feel like your eardrum shaking. Whereas with the Audio Technica 80, hm 50s you don’t. So that’s one of the things there’s the thing where everything feels a lot more closer to you, like you’re listening to everything kind of more into your head, opposed to the Audio Technica which everything sounds a lot farther away. Alright, so one thing I almost forgot to mention is that at the bottom of the beats, you do have a little button that you click, and it’ll give you the battery indicator, which is a light that just tells you how many bars you have left.

 And on the other side, you have a button on the B, which will allow you to connect it to Bluetooth. And that’s your playing pause button. And above and below that you have your volume up volume down. The beats logo button allows you to doubletap to change to the next song, which is really cool. Now, the battery life was amazing. It lasted me about five days of a few hours per day of listening, which was more than enough for me that’s a ton of music. I could have recharged at moment. So yeah, the build quality on these. They’re plastic. They’re just like the old beats solos and celluloid, she’s in the solo twos, that no plastic that beats is known for. They won’t break anytime soon.

 But you know, if you keep throwing these somewhere and don’t properly use them and take care of them, they will end up breaking I feel like the first part to go will probably one of the hinges. They don’t sound very good when you and you can hear that. They sound very plasticky. So I’m more of a fan of the matte plastic beats like the solo two or the solo drenched I thought those are kind of cool looking. And I think some of the studios are aluminum or metallic a little bit on some parts. So yeah, definitely a fan of that build quality.

 So I’d definitely wait for one of those to come out with better build quality or at least nicer looking build quality than these right here. But I think these are just fine. I mean they are $300 so of course that’s really expensive. A lot of money for headphones. But if you have the $300 you’re looking for wireless headphones, this is something that you’re going Gonna like and you’re gonna enjoy because they’re easy to use, easy to pair easy to connect to your phone and great to listen to. So yeah guys that’s it for this video. Hopefully it gave you an idea of how these headphones are. If you have further questions or more specific questions, feel free to contact me on twitter on the website or here in the comments and I’ll get back to you can, because I always do. Aside from that, I’ll catch you guys in the next article. Goodbye



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