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An Expensive Device Space Gray iPhone XS Review

Hey guys, what’s up Dale here today we’re doing the last unboxing of the dads on two other unboxings. This is the last one, this is the 10 s in the space gray color and or black color. And of course here we have the box-checking it out. This is the 64 gigabyte version retails for $1,000. You can see the wallpaper here, each phone comes with its own little wallpaper there for advertising purposes. And just to make you look new, because it doesn’t show the notch up there. But let’s go ahead and open this. Of course, always, we’re going to get a quickstart guide here and just how to use the device, how to set it up how to take out the SIM card, and Apple stickers.

And again, space gray, black phone, let’s remove the film here. And check it out. It’s the same thing last year. As color goes. It’s a little bit of a cloudy grayish black, so it’s definitely not completely black on the back. And it’s not great either. Only the sides are kind of silver. On the stainless steel, they’re kind of not silver, but Space Gray. As you can see there, it looks like that color that they use for the Mac Pro, which looks really nice. Last year, I did get the white iPhone 10. I got tired of that color very quickly, mainly because I kind of jumped the gun on it just because I’ve been wanting a white phone are kind of like a silver phone with the black front, which they finally made.

 And it wasn’t really what I wanted. What I really wanted was the XR that they showed it in white. I think that looks wonderful. And if it wasn’t for the liquid crystal display LCD, and the size, which I definitely prefer this size and not the XR size. But I would definitely go with that phone just I love the way that it looks. But here we have the Xs, the sides are a little bit thinner here with the black than last here’s our I believe I haven’t double checked it, but I’m pretty sure they are and I heard something about it. But looking at it, it just looks slimmer and thinner and nicer than last year’s model. But that little bit just if you’ve used it, you’ll kind of notice a difference upon holding it. And the other physical changes are at the bottom, which is just one little antenna line right there with three little holes here instead of six, not a major change just this is supposed to be for better speeds and support for gigabit. aside from that, it just looks really nice.

And this year, I’m definitely going to go with this space gray color. I set this up is that we do have the air pods that we have gotten in the past few years, we have the lightning cable and we have the normal wall adapter. Now these phones are capable of charging quickly Quick Charge. But you do need a different wall adapter. And Apple has decided not to include it again this year, which I find insane for the price of these phones, it wouldn’t kill them to include it. And I’m kind of bummed that we didn’t see them move to USBC. I know people wouldn’t be, you know, fans of changing all cables again, but I mean, it would have been a great change. And I didn’t show the setup in of my other unboxings.

 But I thought I’d go ahead and show it here. I’m just going to skip through all the things, but just so you can see what it shows here. And we got Siri, we have screentime which is new in iOS 12. So you can check how much time you’ve been using certain things. Of course, true tone display has been regular for an of years now. We go over a little bit of the features or the the swipes and everything you got to do to reach home and all that since you don’t have a home button anymore. Apple has doubled down on that. And yeah, here we have the home screen and the wallpaper. So every phone comes pre installed with the wallpaper that’s on the box. Nice little touch. But of course, when you open it up, I guess it makes you feel like it’s a newer device just because right off the bat, you weren’t reminded of the knotch here when the S loads up. And you know, it’s like marketing gimmicks and stuff like that.

 But you can see the notch up there is still but I do appreciate the slight reduction in the size around the bezels. Here, it does look nicer, more bubbly and better than last year’s model. And while I’m not 100% sure, if that did happen, I’m pretty sure that so don’t hold me accountable to it. We all make mistakes. But here you can see the phone. I’m going through the class right now. And I think space gray is just the best color to get because you kind of don’t get tired of it because you basically then choose a color. I mean it’s just black and simple and looks good with anything. So it’s not like you’re going all out on gold here. So let’s do a quick color comparison here. Now that we have all three colors here, the gold is the Xs max. So that is and I know it’s 10 S max and 10. But here you can see all three colors right there.

And yeah, that gives you a pretty good idea of how they look in real life. I’m looking here through the camera. And that’s pretty much how this looks. The White is of course off white. You can see real white right here that’s off white and the black is not black. Let me show you something a little closer to black. Let’s see here at the Case just so you can get an idea of it. So this is black right here. See the difference is pretty big, it’s cloudy. And a lot of that has to do with that there is class right there. And the glasses so that it can charge wirelessly. And no can do charging or wireless charging up to 7.5 watts. So it’s kind of fast wireless charging. And that Yeah, there you have the colors. not a big fan of the gold. I really dislike this gold tone that they’ve gone with the past few years.

On the glass back iPhones, I just think it’s a little too I don’t know just reminds me of this kind of skin color instead of gold or rose gold or anything. I love the side though I think the side is a very nice gold color. That looks really nice. So if you like the back, the overall device is going to look amazing for you. And you’re really going to love the color. Personally, though not a huge fan of it. I grew tired of that white, I mentioned, just because it’s off white, and it doesn’t look nearly good how it should have been, which is what they did with the XR which is completely white on the back. Really nice aluminum sides, which I prefer to the stainless steel sides, I don’t see benefit of having the stainless steel sides, I just don’t like them very much. I know it makes a little more premium.

And Apple can advertise it more a jewelry kind of thing. But I don’t like how it looks compared to the or how it feels compared to the aluminum on the 10 R. But a quick comparison, before we leave this video, I’m going to go ahead and put this phone in a 10 arc Case. So I mentioned this in a last video. Thanks totality for sending this out just so we can get a size difference here. This is the 10. And then we have the XR here, you can see the size difference there. And if I put the phone in the XR Case, you can see how much larger the XR is than the iPhone 10. It is significantly larger than the 10 s. And it’s one of the reasons I was going to get the XR.

 But I definitely love the size of the 10 s and I think we’re forgetting how large the screen on the 10 is. It’s a big screen. And it’s plenty enough for a lot of people. Of course, it’s not worth spending so much money on it, you’re probably better off going with the XR even though you know that does have an LCD and barely a full HD display, which is kind of a bummer. But I mean, you know, that’s Apple for you. There’s always compromises to be made with them, of course, because they got to make money. And that’s pretty much at the end of the day, the most important thing for them, not just pleasing customers. So keep that in mind. Whenever you’re buying things. Just remember, these companies are run by people that want to make money. So you aren’t going to get all the features that you want and stuff. But this is that and I’m kind of done talking just mainly because I’ve gone over pretty much everything.

 And I’m beginning to lose my voice a little and we still got a Case video to make about leather and silicone cases. But let me put on this Case here just so you can see out the Case not be the best Case to show the black but I just hate the way that clear back looks with the black backing. I think if you have a clear back, you should definitely go with the silver just because it makes the silver look really nice. Like doesn’t look that great, especially with this one. Maybe some other ones, but not this one right here. But yeah, guys, that’s the iPhone xs and the Space Gray. Make sure to check out all the other unboxings of the Golden Max and this silver 10 you guys have questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter at armar dnl or just comment down below and I’ll get back to you there. Make sure to subscribe that always does help and I will catch you guys in the next video. Goodbye



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