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An Adorable Device Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Hey guys, what’s up here, Taro unboxing, the new Samsung Galaxy s6 corner. Now this is $100 more than the regular Samsung Galaxy s6. So this is going to come out to around $780. So we got some important stickers on the side, we slipped this out right here, it just says Samsung, right, they’re gonna break through this right here. And you know, okay, let’s put that over there. And let’s go ahead and pull out the phone right here, which, you know, looks beautiful already. We have the info right here for the T Mobile card and stuff like that. And we have a welcome pack right here, which has all your information starting guide and stuff, which should come with some good tips, maybe how to set up the fingerprint sensor and all those special features that it has. For some it be worth reading, we have the micro USB right here, we have the wall adapter, which does support adaptive fast charging, which is really cool.

 And we get a little nice Samsung, inject tool right there for the SIM card. And we of course get some headphones here, which do look, they look alright, I am going to try those out right now. But uh, you know, you get the full welcome package right there for getting the latest flagship. But uh, yeah, the important thing, of course, here is the device itself, which comes in this plastic sleeve here, which we can just pull it out of, and put that over there. But the difference here is that we turn it around a little bit, you’re gonna get corner of the screen, which is frickin awesome. And it just looks really cool.

You can’t look at this phone and tell me it doesn’t look somehow special. And then of course, is special, because it has corner occurs, which is just one of the coolest things that I’ve seen. And just the way it feels great in the hand, by the way, you would think that it wouldn’t feel that great, it definitely doesn’t feel good the regular s6 that I have right here. But okay, let’s get to the important things $100 more, you’re going to get the corner, and it feels half thin the regular six, which is to be kind of, it’s kind of obvious, because the screen does bend and you’re going to have the aluminum, you’re going to have less aluminum on the side, which means you’re going to get, let me zoom in here so you can see better, which means you’re going to just feel if it’s thinner, and it feels half thin the s5 and feels half thin my iPhone six.

And it just feels much cooler, it feels less bulky. It feels maybe more of a professional phone than this one right here. And, of course, the important thing is it worth the $100 In my opinion, I think, you know, the curves are cool enough to pay the $100. But of course, that’s not everyone’s opinion. Most cases, it’s not going to be worth $100 because you’re getting the same phone, you’re just gonna get some cool little features where you can drag from the side. And, you know, light bars on the sides whenever you put it to sleep, and no clock, a few things like that. But you know, not definitely worth $100 if we’re speaking in technical terms, this is just for the looks.

 Alright guys. So I’ve gone ahead and set it up. And the first thing you’re going to see is the beautiful display, which is 1440 by 2560 pixels, which is a total of 577 ppi. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S six you’re getting the same specs pretty much and you know you got the Gorilla Glass four on the back, you got the Gorilla Glass four on the front. It’s very reminiscent some have said of the iPhone four and four s because of the glass back.

 I always like the glass back I never had a problem with it. I thought it scratched less than the full aluminum back. But that’s just my personal opinion. And it looks really good on this. One thing to note here is that it’s not a kind of full black. This looks blue in some cases when you reflected in certain Points in certain lights. I don’t know why, but uh, you know, this is kind of like a really dark blue slash black type of color. Just keep that in mind. We do have the flash right here we have the 16 megapixel camera right here. We have the logo for the s6 corner right there.

And, you know, we got the Samsung logo up here, which I don’t like at all. I hate that they put the Samsung logo there. It’s just, it’s not really distracting. It’s just I don’t like that it’s just there. staring at me all the time, but you know, you get used to it after some time. And yeah, so on the right side, we have the lock button right here. On the left side, we have the volume down and volume up, which are very thin buttons. They feel kind of weird of how thin they are, but they are still aluminum. And they feel pretty good too.

At the bottom, we of course have the USB Port, the the speakers, the microphone, the headphone jack. At the top, we have the IR blaster, the SIM card slot, and another microphone. And that pretty much concludes the hardware there. The you know, the biggest difference is, of course, just the sides. And that’s the the most important thing here, because that’s where you’re paying for nothing else. So let me go ahead and focus that right there. You can see how buttons are completely different sides. And I’ll be comparing these two in a separate video. But I mean, you know, it just looks so cool on the top one, but $100 more.

 You know, if you are tight on money, and you just want the latest flagship, it’s not worth getting this one right here. Just a quick overview here. The camera, I said is 16 megapixels. You can click on settings here and we can change the sizes right there. The video size, it goes up to Ultra HD and this is pretty much the same thing I said on the regular s6 video. But I thought I would, you know mention it again. And we got some pre installed bloatware here from T Mobile. It’ll be different depending on your carrier. But in this Case, we got this. It does come with some Samsung Apps here milk and milk video Smart Remote, which That one’s good.

Instagram, messenger and WhatsApp and, you know, some Google Apps, which is the best thing that comes pre installed in here. And yeah, you know, the thing here is that this is running lollipop latest version. And the problem is that it still has Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which I have never liked. Still don’t like, I just feel like a lot of the icons feel outdated. And, you know, they still make you use this internet browser when I prefer Chrome. You can of course customize this, you can change this way you want. And change the themes change everything about it. But I’m just saying a Google Play version of this we’re just stock Android would have been killer and would have been amazing in could be amazing.

 And they still you know take it out maybe during IO or anything like that. And yeah guys there you can see kind of how blue it looks. We do have a five megapixel camera on the front, which is really good. We’re gonna see now is some pictures and video that I took with these devices with the s5 and the s6 or the s6 corner and the s6. And that’s just so you can see if it’s been improved over the s5 and compare it a little bit to the iPhone six and a quick comparison before I end this, here’s the iPhone six and that is a thickness comparison definitely feels a lot thinner because the aluminum is only here and not all the way through. But uh yeah guys, that’s it for this article. If you guys have questions, feel free to comment down below and stay tuned for future article. I will catch you guys in the next one. Goodbye.



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