An Attractive Device Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

An Attractive Device Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

The Galaxy S 20 Ultra is officially three months old, longer depending on when you see this video. In that three months Samsung has been great at putting out updates. Let’s talk about it. The Galaxy S 20 Ultra is such a groundbreaking device. It still happens to empty pockets in more ways than one. First, the price still starts at 1399. Most, if not all do you to trade in a phone. So just keep that in mind. One thing I noticed that’s new is Samsung access, which seems to be really interesting.

For an affordable monthly payment you can pick up the S 20 device that you want. the S 20 Ultra is 48 bucks. This includes Samsung care, device insurance and a subscription to Microsoft 365. Plus one terabyte of OneDrive storage. It’s super easy to sign up, you can a device at time for a different phone and you can cancel at time so you’re not locked into a long term contract. I think this is a good option to grab a new Galaxy device if you haven’t picked up one if you are in Samsung and plan on sticking with them in the future. Personally I think it’s a no brainer.

The second way the S 20 Ultra is emptying out pockets is sighs I know I’m beating a dead horse here but I still can’t get over the monster size, weight and camera hump on the S 20 Ultra. It’s a massive phone that needs some wiggle room in of a pocket. I bring this up again because this phone has slipped out of my pocket while I’m driving or sitting down more than other phone. Despite several tumbles I only have a few micro scratches which could be due to sand in my pocket Versus all the slides, skirts and tumbles.

 Luckily the one handed mode has been really helpful and it makes managing the phone much, much easier. Check out my video above for more tips and tricks like this one if you’re interested. One benefit to having such a big phone is having a big beautiful display. And even after three months, the SP ultra still impresses me. The Full HD plus 120 hertz mount is fantastic and really smooth. The Quad HD plus 60 hertz mode is super sharp. And no matter what mode you’re in, you’re going to get amazing color accuracy.

 Suppose we still be getting an update that will unlock 120 hertz that Quad HD plus, but I personally would rather have a 90 hertz mode in both Quad HD plus and full HD plus, but what do you think? Let me know down below when you combine the display with the speakers on the S 20 Ultra watching videos and even listening to music or podcast is great. Well, I’m getting ready in the mornings, I have my favorite podcast playing or I’ll catch up on a few YouTube videos. And it’s been my go to phone to do that.

Even more than my iPhone 11 Pro max. And if you know me, that’s saying a lot. You know, one thing I prefer on my iPhone though, is face ID. I’m not a big fan of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner found on galaxy devices. I feel like every time I start to get a consistent experience, I get an update, and then I need to re register all of my fingers. Once again, it’s a little annoying, and something that has happened more than twice since getting my espanol Trump, the SD card slot is still pretty sweet and really convenient.

I haven’t filled up my internal storage at all, but at the same time not having to worry about that stressful situation occurring is pretty nice. Plus, with 8k video and high resolution photos over time, the internal storage will fill up pretty quick. So it’s nice that I can offload stuff anytime that I want. I did make a video on storage tips and tricks that includes SD card use. So if you missed that video, make sure to check it out.

 Samsung and I guess Android devices a whole have good about performance over time, where a few years ago you would buy an Android phone and then you experience slowdowns and lag over the course of time. I really haven’t seen this for the most part in devices that were released in the last two to three years. So of course the performance on the S 20 Ultra has been nothing short of amazing these last two to three months. I guess to be clear, I’m referring to the Snapdragon model.

 If you have the Exynos version, feel free to share your experience in the comment section down below, I have no experience using that particular model. One thing I do need to add is ever since installing the June 1 security patch in updating my stock apps like the gallery app, I’ve run into a lot of random app crashes. It’s been random and hard to replicate on camera but always occurs when I’m editing a photo.

it is sporadic like I stated, and you may or may not run into this problem, but I wanted you to be aware of it in Case you did. day to day performance has been amazing these past three months one UI is just such an amazing Android skin that I almost don’t miss stock Android at all. But and I know this isn’t specific to the S 20 series. I do wish Samsung would allow the Google Now homepage instead of the Samsung daily page. Using third party launches, it’s fine to get this feature Don’t get me wrong, but Nova does not support Android 10 gestures at the moments or at the time of this video. And I really don’t care to go back to on screen navigation buttons. Is it a third world problem?

 Maybe but it’s what I prefer. Plus How hard could it be for Samsung just to add the option and while we’re on the subject of changing a few things. I wish one UI would allow the use of third party icon packs. icon customization using the built in Samsung theme store is nice But they don’t really change anywhere near the amount of icons, that icon packs from the Play Store can change. One plus is oxygen OS I feel does a fantastic job with allowing tons of customization straight out of the Play Store. So I would just use that a benchmark.

 I’ve never really been a mobile, It’s just not been my cup of tea. However, I’ve really been giving it a shot more and more. The Galaxy S 20 Ultra is my go to gaming phone. At the time of this video. I’ve never used the razor phone or the aro G phone. So for me the S 20 Ultra brings an amazing combination of a smooth rate of audio from the speakers and stellar performance while gaming. I’ve played several games from the Play Store over the last few months and it’s been amazing.

But what really impressed me was Project X cloud. I’ve talked about it in mentioned in last videos, I use an Xbox controller combined with a cheap mount  20 Ultra to the controller and it’s like having a mini Xbox it reminds me, several years ago and I love it the battery life has been fantastic. Do me a favor and let me know what you recommend for a gaming controller that I can mount my s 20 Ultra to I’d like to get something a little bit more compact Portable Versus this Xbox controller.

Battery life has been fine. Honestly no real change from my 30 day update video. I guess this is a good thing since it’s consistent and it’s better than what I’m able to achieve on my iPhone 11 Pro max. I do not recommend that you purchase the 45 watt fast charger though. I’ve used it maybe three times since getting my s 20 Ultra and the charger. Ironically, I use it to charge my iPad Pro more than my s 20 Ultra. One thing I’ve been doing a lot these last three months is editing photos on my s 20 Ultra.

 I love the large display when putting Quad HD plus mode to edit photos, I edit photos shot with the onboard camera or I’ll import them from my XT three. What’s funny is that I never knew Samsung devices running the latest version of the gallery app have built in RGB curves for editing. I’ll talk about it more in an upcoming video where I’m going to share a few more tips and tricks for the yes 20.

So if you don’t want to miss that you know what to do. I guess this leads me to the camera. But first, a quick disclaimer at the time of this video, the firmware that will unlock a macro mode has not been released. This means that more improvements may be coming with the addition of that new feature. But for now, let’s just talk about the camera. Here are some samples taken with the ESP 20 Ultra running the latest firmware Versus the original firmware. Image quality wise, it’s honestly about the same.

But without performing this test in a more controlled environment where I can replicate the same things. It’s hard to tell. Even when looking at 108 megapixel images, the processing looks to be minus maybe some changes in contrast, but again, one small change in that shot can change the metering. And that will change the entire photo. If you want to see a more scientific test in a controlled environment using the F 20.

Ultra let me know 30x and 10x are still really impressive the original firmware. I mean, looking at the shots of this little bunny, you could definitely see what I mean. I’m sure some of you are wondering about the 100 times zoom and if it’s been improved,yes, yes it has and now has more contrast the es 20 Ultra is the only phone that has a camera which doubles a hunting rifle, being able to turn a peaceful little Thumper bunny into cotton.

the experience and while you’re using the camera autofocus is slightly improved and is a bit more reliable and faster, though it’s still not on the same page like the s 20 or the S 20. Plus, despite all of the improvements in all, I have run into a strange bug that causes my camera to have a weird crop no matter what mode I’m in, it’s almost like telephoto was on but if I switched to wide, it switches to the wide-angle, digitally cropped. I have to force close the app a few times and eventually it will go back to normal.

Using the S 20 Ultra these past few months has been fun. While it’s still not the phone I was hoping for when I first saw all of the leaks and got my hands on the phone. It’s a feature rich device that I can’t stop using. I just hope that Samsung is able to fix some of these issues without creating new ones I guess we’ll have to see.






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