Some Important Information About TCL 10 Pro vs TCL 10L Review

Some Important Information About TCL 10 Pro vs TCL 10L Review

Hey, what’s up everybody,  Today we’re going to be talking about the 10 L and the 10 Pro, both of which are just two of the new phones recently released by TCL. While I’m opening this up, it’s probably a good time to let you know the price. The 10 l starts at $249 which in my opinion is really, really competitive. Inside the box we have a SIM card removal tool right on top. It’s always great when companies include these, the SIM card removal tool is attached to like a small cardboard box. Inside this little box is literature and paperwork. You get a clear Case in this little box.

 So if I set all the paperwork have a look you can see it’s like a silicone or TPU style Case. Nothing fancy but it’s definitely cool that they you know included in the box. The next step we have the 10 l itself which I will come back to for now I’m just going to go ahead and set it to the side and one of the bottom compartments there is a USB C cable for charging and sinking. Lastly, in the other compartment we have a small charging brick. The Tin now has a 16 megapixel front facing camera on the back does a quad camera array.

 Next up the 10 hour has an eight megapixel ultra wide followed by a two megapixel macro a two megapixel depth camera. In terms of video specs the front camera can shoot up to 1080 p at 30 frames per second. It can record motion video at 1080 p up to 120 frames per second in 720 p up to 240 frames per second. In terms of autofocusing it’s using contrast detection phase detection.

 Now let’s go ahead and set this set-aside and take a look at the 10 Pro a starting price of 450 bucks. If you want to find out what that $200 really gets you let me know and I’ll do a full comparison between these two phones. First thing we see in a tin pro box is what the 10 Pro so we have a little phone tray in the 10 Pro box mix for a little bit nicer of unboxing experience I guess then we have a SIM card attached to the same tray or box set up a tin l inthe small box is some paperwork same the tonnelle Basic literature quickstart guide that kind of stuff that’s in pro has a clear silicone Case packaged in which is definitely nice to see them include in the first bottom compartment we have the same USB style cable and in the second compartment there is a much bigger charging brick Versus the 10 l the 10 Pro comes with an 18 watt charger Versus the five watt charger that’s included with the 10 l the 10 Pro has a 24 megapixel front facing camera.

 On the back there is another quad camera array. The main sensor is 64 megapixels and it has an aperture of F 1.8. Next up there’s a 16 megapixel ultra wide camera followed by a five megapixel macro a two megapixel low light camera. This new camera has a sensor size of one over 2.8 inches and a pixel size of 2.9 microns, which is kind of crazy for a smartphone for video, the front camera records 1080 p at 30 frames per second on the back, it can record video up to 4k at 30 frames per second. there is 20 dP at 120 frames per second 720 p at 240 frames per second and 720 p at 960 frames per second. Lastly, it’s using a combination of contrast detection, phase detection and laser detection for autofocus. I mean, I gotta admit on paper these cameras specs seem pretty good.

But ultimately it comes down to image quality and performance. All of the pictures you’re seeing were shot by taking and selecting the mode I wanted to shoot in and then snapping a photo. And while both phones do have a promo code for this video.

 So what you see is what you’re getting straight from the camera. The first thing I noticed was the range. For the most part, the 10 Pro has more shadow and highlight details. It tends to make colors much more vibrance and punchier. The 10 now is very inconsistent. Sometimes the image is overexposed. Sometimes it’s underexposed. And sometimes it’s nearly perfect beating out the 10 Pro like you see here. One thing I noticed about the 10 L is that it tends to produce more realistic and natural colors in most cases Versus the 10 Pro.

However, So taking a look here you can see the cards have been reversed. Plus, there were several cases where the 10 l just added a blue cast to the image. It’s like I said the 10 L is a mess when it comes to producing consistent results. Both cameras are similar when it comes to sharpness, but if I had to pick one, it would be the 10 Pro, looking at the macro capabilities of each phone that said now has a crazy sharp image that is possibly over sharpened despite it having a dedicated macro mode.

The 10 Pro while not sharp seems to have a much more shareable image I would say this was pretty consistent across the board. So it makes me wonder what The dedicated macro camera on the 10 L is good for portrait mode on both phones are hit and miss the 10 Pro is the more consistent of the two for sure, but honestly, neither are very impressive. Hopefully subject detection can be improved with many firmware updates moving forward. When it comes to the ultra wide cameras, the 10 Pro is better in nearly every way. me a blue caste making the image very cold.

 It tends to have more distortion and flare control is one of the worst I have seen on a smartphone in the past few years. images on both phones are not the sharpest by means, but the 10 l just comes out muddy sometimes this brings me to night mode. The 10 Pro has a dedicated low-light camera that is honest to god more inconsistent than Ferris Bueller. When it works. It does a nice job of reducing noise increasing sharpness, but it makes the image bright eight f when it doesn’t work so good.

It over exposes the image like crazy, washes out colors, typically weights any flares that might be present. While the SNL isn’t by means a light capable camera. At least it retains some type of normality to the image in colors. When taking an image when you know it’s dark out. The good news is that 4k video on a 10 Pro looks really good. Even it’s an L doesn’t look bad whatsoever. However on closer inspection, you’re going to notice some things like the over sharpening that’s happening on the 10 l the colors are different again to now leaning more towards high contrast and colder tones.

I’m not sure this is a sensor related problem or if it’s something that TCL can fix, because I gotta say the colder tones that I’m getting from the 10 l are the most consistent part about the camera front facing video looks nice on both maxing out at 10 ADP I think the quality is acceptable for things like Instagram stories and other social media things.

Both phones offer class of stabilization on the backside. And that seems to work pretty good. So no complaints from me when it comes to that aspect. and 240 frames per seconds. However, the 10 Pro can capture 960 frames per second. While the quality isn’t crazy, And that the 10 Pro can do 960 is pretty cool. The 10 Pro automatically defaults to using the low camera for video and 4k no longer is selectable. At least this was my experience. Feel free to let me know down below if I’m just an idiot, and I’ll make sure I delete your comment. Regardless when the lights go down, so does the video quality.

 Just keep that in mind. In the end if cameras are your main concern, I would skip the 10 L and 10 Pro at the time of this video. When it’s no is crazy affordable. There are several used and refurbished phones out there with similar prices that will deliver better quality. For example, I’ve seen the pixel three XL for low 280 bucks an condition. The 10 Pro is definitely a better choice but again, at its price Point you can get a 2020 iPhone SE or a gently used pixel four XL and both have better cameras than the 10 Pro look.

I know cameras aren’t everything so I’ll be looking at each of these phones more in future videos. Let me know what you think of the camera quality when it comes to the TCL 10 L and the TCL 10 Pro.






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