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My Personal Experiance About LG Velvet vs LG V60 Review

Hey, what’s up, Now we both probably already know what it is. It’s probably the LG velvet. But real quick, LG. How you going to send me the velvet in a cardboard box. But I’ve seen the velvety boxes out there and they look oh, so sweet and I’m a big fan of velvet Are we just we’re not friends enough.

we have a little book here says play book 2020 probably like a breakdown of the specs and some information on the LG velvet. So if you don’t know the LG velvet is kind of like a mid-range phone. It’s not necessarily budget.

But then again, it’s not really like a premium flagship phone. It’s not a V 60 replacement. And it’s not a G Series replacement. According to LG. This is like in its own separate category, giving people the benefits of 5g and flagship like performance at a fraction of the cost. So the model they sent me is the at&t model. If you’re unaware, the LG velvet is on sale at some us carriers, specifically at&t. Starting now it will be coming to t mobile and Verizon later on in the summer. And with Verizon, you’re going to get access to their 5g Ultra band or wideband and then their low band later on this year whenever it goes live. So we’ll go ahead and pop out the phone here.

Well, let’s just oh hell. This is why I don’t do live unboxings I am at it. So here’s the phone right here. It’s available in multiple colors. We have Aurora, grey, Aurora, silver, Aurora, red, pink, and whites. I know there’s some other colors out there, but those are those colors that are specific to the US. Alright, there we go. That’s is the LG velvet. It feels really nice. So this is the Aurora silver model. And I gotta say that is really really silver. There it is.

Really silver, almost like Chrome. Like the way it feels.

And, you know, we probably have Basic literature. Yep, some LG velvet literature in the box. Get off a regular USB or USB, a two USB C cable, SIM card ejection tool, for your micro SD card slot because this does support micro SD cards up to two terabytes big. And then we have our fast charger. I think that is it. Unfortunately, the velvet does not have the same quad DAC that the V 60. Or the V series features the G Series. LG did include some more goodies here. So go ahead and take a look at those. We have a UV sanitation station

operates. I feel that given given the times that we’re living in, it’d be really cool. This charged her phone. I wonder if it does. Then we have looks like the plug for the UV sanitation station. Oh, wow.

A Case looks awesome. So LG partnered with a design company to create unique and interesting designer style cases. Other than the dual screen Case that way, it gives you a bunch of options. If you don’t want to use a dual screen, you just want to use the velvets by itself. They have some really great looking cases here. So this one is like a like a hunter green or olive green. That looks awesome. And the texture is fantastic. Oh, it’s a wallet. So you can put some cards back here Cash. That’s a really nice Case, design skin. So that’s the company that LG partner with to create these really nice cases.

And then of course, we have the dual-screen Case. Let’s go ahead and shut this big box out of here.And take a look here. All right. It’s like a matte texture. Definitely a fan of that because the last dual screen cases really picked up fingerprints like crazy. So having this matte texture is going to help with that. I’m not really much of a fan of that that. I mean, it’s not bad looking. But I would say I don’t know To me, it just looks kind of like a suitcase. That’s what it reminds me of, is a suitcase. Actually, you know what, let’s just put the phone in this Case real quick. It feels really good though not one thing I gotta say, compared to last dual screen cases and other phones.

 This is it feels a little bit lighter, a portable, definitely slimmer. I’m a fan, take a look at the velvet. So we have a slot up here for our SIM card our micro SD card slots, microphone, the power button, assistant and volume rocker. And then we have our headphone jack, which just a quick reminder that it does not have the quad DAC like I last said. And then we have our USB C ports, which does feature fast charging for Plus, I think it’s what it’s called. So basically, it’s the newer version of quick charge.

But we have our camera system, you can tell that’s the main sensor right there because it’s bigger. And I love how flush these other two cameras in the flash are. It’s a really nice looking phone. In terms of specs for looking at the Snapdragon 765 g the G meaning that is supports 5g connectivity, we have six gigabytes of RAM, 128 gigabytes of onboard storage, but that can be the micro SD card slot up to two terabytes, which is impossible. We have a 4300 milliamp hour battery. So that should be plenty of juice to power this full HD plus display, which by the way is oh LEDs, then we have LG pay support, and has an IP 68 rating, making it in water resistance.

 By the way, Pricing starts at 599. Now of course. And of course color options are going to come down to your carrier. So just keep that in mind. Okay, so the velvet has officially booted up. Yeah, I got to set the display is really really nice. Who cares about Quad HD plus or 4k displays. If you have a good 1080 p Full HD plus display, that’s all you need in a phone, come on. Like you don’t need all resolution. Now the rate is a different story. I do wish this was like a 90 hertz display. That’d be pretty cool.

 But the text is nice and sharp, the whites look really good. Not getting colorshift we’ll have to look at that more or get a little bit here. But for the most part, you definitely have some color shift here, it turns to like a yellow, warmer color. figured is loading in, you know updating and doing what it needs to do. Let’s go ahead and look to the manual. And I’ll give you a quick overview of what you can expect from the velvet in terms of features and other specs that I have missed. So in terms of cameras, we’re looking at a foot

All right.

So we got a service on the velvet, got a telemarketers already calling me and I accidentally picked up the phone because why not. So in terms of cameras, we’re looking at a 48 megapixel f 1.8 main sensor on the back, then we have an eight megapixel wide angle, then we have a five megapixel depth sensing camera. And then on the front we have a 16 megapixel f 1.9 camera with an a field of view of 73 degrees. Obviously the phone is done booting up and updating and going through what it needs to go through so we can test out that fingerprint scanner.

There we go.

All right. And one more time. Your fingerprint scanner is working really, really good. So yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and run out get a few sample images, get some video clips, compare the cameras on the velvet Versus the V 60. And then we’ll do a short little comparison on which one I think is better because ultimately, you could probably pick up a V 60 with the dual-screen Case used or refurbished, depending on where you’re looking for a similar price the velvet which that deter some people away from the velvet but at the same time, want you guys to know what you’re getting into and what is the better value for you.

 So I spent the day with these two phones and physically the LG V 60 and velvets are very different devices. I mean you can look at them. The V 60 is larger and heavier than the velvets. It’s boxier with the flat style screen Versus having rounded corner. Both of these devices features 6.8 inch full HD plus OLED displays and they both look great. However the velvet seems to be much easier using the camera app.

 The V 60 is dim the screen is at max brightness velvet has fewer color modes, the most pleasing options in my opinion, including the natural mode, an option for going above the max brightness, which is off by default, so I highly recommend that you turn it on. Obviously I haven’t had enough time with the velvet to talk about performance against the Wii 60. But if you’re interested in a few benchmarks, there you go.

 Just remember that benchmarks don’t tell the full story And take these numbers with a grain of salt when it comes to real world performance. The biggest advantage of the Wii 60 Snapdragon 865 comes down to camera performance and features which I’ll talk about shortly. Both phones have the same amount of RAM, which is six gigabytes, and both phones have pretty beefy batteries with the V 60. Taking the win here because it sports a 5000 milliamp hour battery Versus the velvets 4300 milliamp hour battery. However, thanks to each of these phones using 10 ADP displays, they both will give you plenty of juice to get you through a full day.

And then so the biggest difference between these two phones comes down to camera features and performance. The V 60 has the ability to shoot 8k video at 24 ish frames per second and 4k video up to 60 frames per second. Of course, this is due to the Snapdragon 865 some pretty certain that the velvet to push 8k and 4k 60. The V 60 has a manual video mode, which possibly could be ported over to velvet later, but this is just pure speculation. Oh and both the V 60 and velvet have super video and both look really good, but I think that the velvet be a tiny bit better.

On the still side of things. The V 60 has a larger 64-megapixel sensor with much bigger microns giving it better low-light Capabilities. I’ll be doing more testing and posting since I really wasn’t able to get enough samples to give you a proper review of low-light performance. Thanks to the larger 64 megapixel sensor of the V 60. You’ll capture more detail even when choosing the compressed option which outputs a 16 megapixel image Versus a 12 megapixel found on the velvet.

 That said both cameras perform fantastic and velvets surprised out of me by producing better looking images in the V 60. portrait mode with the cameras works fantastic and just off my short time with velvets. I’m really impressed. That said front facing portrait mode on the V 60 just doesn’t like me and refuses to acknowledge wife want me in a photo. velvet had issue after readjusting my angle it finally captured both of us and it worked like a charm. Another option I noticed on the Wii 60 that’s not on velvet is action shot which is great for freezing action.

 Also, focus tracking is not available on velvets, which is another feature that I would love to see be brought over from the V 62. The Velvet outside of the design difference. A few specs and camera features. The V 60. It’s kind of funny because the velvet is like a stripped down version of the V 60. A lot of ways, often my first impressions, it’s almost like the things that they stripped away created a better experience. I don’t know. I mean, it could be a honeymoon phase. I’ll save my final thoughts and comments for my upcoming in depth comparisons, my full review. Let me know what other velvet videos you’re interested in.

And I’ll see if I can slide them into my schedule. Also, what are your thoughts on this new series from LG? I think mine would be a lot more positive if they would have sent me the velvet box. gonna move on to suede. Before I go, I just realized that you can charge your phone while it’s in of the sanitation station. Just plug in your charging cable in the back and then run it into the little opening here on the front. And then boom. Remember, cleanliness is next to godliness, so keep your stuff germ free people.



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