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Performance Between iPhone SE 2 vs 2016 iPhone SE Review

Hey, you are new to the channel, you are not new Welcome back. Today we’re going to be comparing the 2016 iPhone SE to the 2020 iPhone SE and I’m pretty excited about this video. I mean I’m sure most of you know which phone is going to come out on top, but I think it would be kind of cool to take a step back  they made in four years. The original iPhone SE came out in 2016 and was priced at $399 for the 16 gigabyte model and $499 for the 64 gigabyte model.

Currently you can pick up the 2016 sC for under 100 bucks depending on where you’re looking. It features the same design the iPhone five which in my opinion is one of the best looking iPhone designs to date. On the front we have a four inch 640 p display a physical home button with Touch ID and then a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera but you know that was the old and this is the new This is the 2020 iPhone SE and product read retails for 399 bucks for the 64 gigabyte model for 49 for the 128 and 549 for the 256 it’s 2020 s uses the same body the iPhone eight.

 In my opinion, the iPhone five design but it’s still a great looking phone. The display is technically a 720 p panel, it is like 750 on the front you will find a home button with the latest version of touch ID and ask for the front facing camera. Well it’s seven megapixels in the hand the first thing I noticed was the overall size. The 2016 iPhone SE just feels pretty tiny. However I think it feels more premium than the 2020 iPhone SE I love the boxy your design in the chamfered corners of the 2016 model.

The 2020 is much more rounded without the sharp corners of the 2016 the glass back while not my favorite, it still does provide a premium feel the 2020 model comes with an IP 67 rating making, you do get a flush camera bump. Whereas the 2020 model has a small bump on the backside. No biggie but something worth pointing out.

 Speaking of cameras, the original iPhone SE has a 12 megapixel camera that’s capable of recording 4k video up to 30 frames per second. The 2020 sC features a 12 megapixel camera, but it’s capable of recording 4k video up to 60 frames per second, the screen differences The first thing that I think anyone is going to notice Not only is the 2020 iPhone SE a bit bigger, but it’s quite a bit nicer despite having the same DPI, brightness, color accuracy, color shift and sharpness have all been improved.

Even when scrolling pages and swiping from side to side. I feel like the experience is a little bit smoother on the SE to thanks to the glass back on the SE two you do get wireless charging, which is quite impressive to see on an iPhone under $400 I would have never expected Apple to put on a phone with this kind of price tag. Another physical difference is the SC two features the latest version of touch ID Versus the old version on the 2016 model.

 In terms of speed, they’re both about the same, but the 2020 se is a little bit more accurate. Staying on the Home button. I think the biggest difference is that the 2016 sC uses a clickable home button. Here’s a quick listen so you can hear yourself.

In comparison, the 2020 model uses a haptic engine to simulate a press just like we saw on the iPhone eight and here’s a quick listen to that one.

This may come a surprise but I prefer the simulated home button press on the 2020 sC Versus the clickable home button on the iPhone SE 2016 I’m not really sure why but I definitely do the haptic feedback on the 2020 se is much better than the 2016 model. The iPhone SE features stereo speakers and spatial audio playback, Versus the 2016 model, which features a single speaker on the bottom. The difference is mind blowing, to be honest, like they sound way different. And the se 2020 is much, much better. Here’s a quick listen for yourself.

The 2016 sC does have that headphone jack.

 So that could make up for the speakers. Depending on who you’re asking the jump from the a nine to the a 13Looking at the benchmarks alone, you can see what I mean. The question is, does all of that power translate to real world use? Well, yes, and no, I’m going to go ahead and play into the dead to on the iPhone SE from 2016. But I know the 2020 model is gonna load it much faster. Go ahead and get started on this game right here. Turn off the volume. That way you guys can hear a little something’s on and give it time to load. I mean, the experience is definitely not bad in way. I do wish we could get some sound though. There we go. All right.

I mean, it’s it’s doing good. I mean, this isn’t the most graphical game by means. But I think the experiences is fine for a four year old phone. It’s doing just fine. And again, we got an A sound. So there we go.Yeah, I mean, it a little bit smoother, it comes to this game. Other than that the screen is bigger, it’s easier to you know, control the guy and play, I can’t really notice a difference. And the overall gaming performance. Running the ante to benchmark really shows the difference between these two chips, they 13 is a great chip.

it is being throttled or not, the a nine at that time was an amazing chip. But given that this is a four generation leap, they 13 is just definitely going to perform night and day better than the a nine. The difference in RAM between these two is only one gigabyte. But honestly, I believe you will see a difference, especially if you like to leave a lot of apps open in the background and then switch between them. Also, the 2020 sC can open apps much faster.

 I just want to let you know, one thing I was interested in testing, if the antennas have been upgraded from the 2016 model to the 2020 model. So we’re going to go ahead and run a speed test using the speed check app show, and there is no SIM card inserted in each of these phones. We’re going to go ahead and run the speed check at the same time.

And take a look at the performance of each of these because I am thinking that the 2020 iPhone SE is going to perform much better Versus the 2016 model, the speed in terms of download. Go ahead and look at the upload. And it’s pretty much the same. Actually the SC from 2016 is performing a little bit better on the Upload, which I don’t think the upload speeds have anything to do with the antennas in of these phones. I think that’s just my provider because I’m using spectrum and it’s not the best service battery life is something that I really can’t share with you right now.

 First of all, I just received my iPhone SE two and I have a 2016 iPhone SE that has 90% Capacity remaining on the battery health report so it’s not gonna give me an accurate representation. What I can tell you are the battery sizes and my prediction. The 2016 sC has a 1620 $4 million battery or the 2020 sC has a 1820 1 million power battery. but the 2016 sC will get you 50 hours of audio playback Versus the 2020 models of course These are company numbers. And in the real world, things can be much, much different.

I’ll update you in my full review with my personal experience. I’m assuming despite the 2020 sC having a bigger display and beefier processor, it’s still gonna get like around an hour to an hour and a half use Versus the 2016 s e. when it comes to the software on both phones. They’re running the latest version of iOS, which is really impressive, given how old the original se is. Both phones support a lot of the same features given that they are running same software versions.

But I think the biggest thing to take note here is that if you’re big into firmware updates and receiving many new features, then you’re gonna get a lot of life out of the 2020 s. the 2020 iPhone SE iOS does run a little bit better and smoother. But that’s to be expected. One thing that’s cool to see on both phones is Apple Pay. I mean, it’s a given on the 2020 model, but having an on the 2016 model was a bit of a surprise. Alright, let’s explore the cameras for a minute.

 it can detect a face, the 2016 variants does not have portrait mode at all. The 2020 iPhone SE is the obvious winner when it comes to quality, no matter the scenario or conditions. But it’s still cool to see how impressive the original iPhone SE is. Despite it being four years old. There’s been a lot of camera improvements in four years. And this still hangs with the best of them. I think it’s kind of cool. Go ahead and take a look at the rest of these samples. And let me know what you think down in the comment section.

The Point of this comparison is not to persuade you to buy the iPhone SE from 2016, but rather show you how much Apple has improved in four years. Some may argue but I think Apple did a damn good job. If you’ve been using an iPhone SE to get a freshed experience more powerful internals and a much, much better camera. And the best thing is you could do it without having to empty your pockets. You’re going to pay that price that you love paying for your original se.

But what do you think 2016 to 2020 did Apple do a good job? Sound off down below in the comment section.



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