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My Best iPad Pro Review

This article is brought to you by colorware. with tons of color combinations for several devices. colorware makes it easy to customize your tech. Whether you want paint or rap, click the link in the description to get started. As a bonus, use code TJC at checkout to save 10% on your next order. Let’s go on friends. where I deliver your daily dose of hotness. And in this video, we’re going to be talking about some news, some Apple news, it’s almost like Apple took themselves put themselves in an oven, set the timer, and then an Apple pie came out.

It’s not good, Apple licious. We’re gonna be talking about some Apple heat. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for Apple to make the move to allow me to take my iPad, this small, compact little device with me instead of a laptop and still be able to creative needs. They finally done it with iPad OS. So in this video, I’m going to give you 10 reasons why iPad. Number one is external storage support. This one doesn’t really need details because it says it all right there in the name, you can plug in a drive externally and use it on your iPad.

And thanks to number two, which is an improved file system, you’re going to be able to navigate through that external drive and gather your files and pull them off, put them on your iPad or put them on your iPad temporarily and then move them to a different storage device and begin your editing. This is amazing, you can take something like this, plug it into your iPad, and you’ll be able to get your files off of an SD card or you can take a doc put your SD card in the dock and then have an external drive hooked up to that dock and then just move files around.

The possibilities are there. And this is definitely a major major step in the right direction. And this alone makes the iPad a viable source noun for you know photo editing and video editing on the road rather than bringing your laptop. Now quickly to go back to number two, which was the improved files app. or NASS support built right into the files app. you may have available to you, such your home server at the house, they’ve improved the look and the functionality of the files app all together by bringing in columns.

So now it’s more familiar and it follows a desktop file system Versus what the files app used to be. And finally, you have the ability to allow share access right the files that meaning share a link of that video clip, a colleague, and they can have access to that same file. Pretty nice. Number three is mouse support something we’ve been waiting for for a long, long time. And it’s finally here. Even though Apple didn’t talk about it.

There are plenty of videos online showing the ability to use like a Bluetooth mouth, mouth, there are plenty of videos online showing the ability to use Bluetooth mouth, mouth, again, Bluetooth mouse that you want to use, which is big for video editing, for photo editing, for even just doing documents like this is something that should have been there from the jump, I’m so happy they finally brought it.

And this is definitely going to be a game changer. Number five font management. And I know this not sound like to probably most of you, this is way bigger than you may think. And we’re going to discuss it further at the end of the video because it’s going to tie in with another reason. So I don’t want to give away the last reason or the second the last reason so we’re going to talk about it in just a bit. But font management is big for creative. creative professionals.

Number six is sidecar with Catalina and this is big. Basically it turns your iPad into a display for your laptop or your desktop running. Mac OS Catalina This is great. This is awesome. I know we’ve had the ability to do this with third party applications. But now that it’s built native right into the operating system, this technically should function much better. Plus, it’s free to go along with that not only will the iPad be a display, but it will be a touch capacitive display that supports the Apple Pencil meaning that if you’re in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, the iPad will act something like a Wacom tablet with the use of the Apple Pencil.

Again, Number seven builds up on number six because they didn’t prove the Apple Pencil latency from 20 milliseconds to nine milliseconds. Nine milliseconds in terms of latency is imperceptible to the human heart, high human high. Number seven has to do with Safari. you are thinking, what the hell does Safari have to do with what I do just see me out. you are going to like it. So right now if you want to go to a website on your iPad, it’s going to automatically default to the mobile version of that website.

 But with iPad OS, it’s going to automatically default to the desktop version of that website, giving you a very similar experience, if not the same experience your desktop or your laptop that you are using. And this is awesome, because there’s a lot of websites out there that have to run in a desktop many in order to give you the full experience. So it’s gonna allow you to access more websites and do more things online.

Now, to go one step further, there’s now a dedicated Download Manager, meaning that you can go to stock footage sites for video or for pictures, or maybe even for graphics and download those, you’re gonna see them right there in the Download Manager, and you’re gonna be able to use them and your editing applications. Number eight, there’s way more keyboard shortcuts. I don’t know them all. I haven’t used iPad OS, because I want to be surprised when it drops. But I’m going to go ahead and just throw up a little sheet here. This is great for navigating the iPad for typing up documents.

If you’re like a writer, or if you got to write a script or shot list. This is good if third party developers get involved and create even more keyboard shortcuts for when you’re editing. Number nine with iPad OS, that means Apple hasn’t forgotten about the iPad, that means they’re focusing on the iPad again, and they’re taking it seriously because they know people want to use it for professional work. This means that the next iPads or maybe the iPads after that are going to be serious.

Another thing is, you know, apples assessories like Apple’s keyboard is not the best. Like I hate Apple’s Smart Keyboard cover. But with mouse support. And being that they see more people are doing professional work on their iPads, they finally release a better Smart Keyboard cover. Here’s hoping. And finally, number 10 desktop applications. I know it’s a long shot, but just hear me out. So with things like external storage, support, font management, mouse support, all of these things combined make me think that desktop applications are coming.

And they’re going to be coming very, very quickly. We already know Photoshop is coming later on this year. So that will probably be the first and moving forward. I think we’re gonna see more full fledged desktop applications on the iPad. Who knows maybe maybe even you know like a Final Cut Pro 10 Mobile porphyrins that about does it for me These are 10 reasons why I think iPad OS. you if you’re watching this video.

 If you’re not just go home, we don’t want to hear about you and just videos not for you. I will come through this camera and I will eat your face. I will eat your face like I was a pit, foaming at the mouth on looking for an Apple, Your face looks like an Apple, you’re gonna get eaten, because you’re not a creative. I’m just kidding. There’s no reason to hit that dislike button. You know, I love you.

You’re special, you’re unique. It doesn’t matter if you create stuff or not. You are a great person. And I am excited about iPad OS let me know down in the comment section if you’re excited about iPad OS. And Did I miss anything? Like what are your favorite features that are coming to the iPad and what do you think about the future of the iPad?

 Do you think that this is the future eventually this will replace at least the lower end MacBooks and is that 16 inch MacBook Pro going to rule out the current MacBook Pro so the 16 inch MacBook Pro replaces the 13 and the 15 and the iPad replaces everything else it is possible we’ll have to wait and see but it is possible.

If you have questions, concerns, comments about the channel or you just want to say what’s up leave it down below in the comment section or better hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram things are always popping over there. And of course I will talk to you Apple loving Garden of Eden, Mac people.



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