An Expensive Device One plus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Review

An Expensive Device One plus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Review

Hope you find people are having a great day. If you’re new here. we’re going to discuss the one plus eight and the one plus eight Pro. I’ll be breaking down a few specs, comparing the phones to similar price phones and finding out if they are too expensive, since a lot of people were upset about the pricing of the one plus eight and the one plus eight probe more so the pro but they both received a reasonable amount of hate.

First of all, let’s talk about one plus is history so we can further understand what is going on April 22 2014. One plus changed the game and shook up the industry with the one plus one by leasing a phone with flagship specs and impossible software features that complemented those specs for a price that was unheard of a 16 gigabyte model, which is kind of funny came in at $299. And later that year, a 64 gigabyte model was released for 349.

Though the launch was really rough by using an invite only system it ended up working for over a year later on July 27 2015. One plus announced the one plus two is stayed on the trend of delivering flagship specs to consumers at an affordable price despite the $30 increase in that price. A 16 gigabyte model came at 330 bucks, and 64 gigabytes would set you back 390. Unfortunately, this was probably the worst one plus device ever released in terms of performance, battery life and overall bugginess. That said it had impossibble build quality that same year on October 29.

One plus released the one plus x, which was like a limited edition phone, it brought back the price that people really loved coming in at $249. For the Onyx model, some regions were given the to purchase a ceramic model for 399, which had build quality. The one plus three was unveiled on June 14 2016. Pricing came in at 399 for the 64 gigabyte model. If we count the one plus two it’s run a $10 price increase, the experience was to be expected delivering flagship like performance. Later that year on November 15 2016. One plus announced the one plus three t, which was a minor update to the three pricing jumped up about $40 and started at 439 for the 64 gigabyte model, and 479 for the 128.

skipping the four altogether, plus went straight to the five on June 20 2017. Pricing again going up by 40 bucks and starting at 479. And it was only a minor refinements to the five. Pricing went up slightly by about 20 bucks, but the experience was really really good. May 16 2018. One plus announced the six or one plus six, pricing went up again by around 30 bucks. The 64 gigabyte model came in at 529 and the 128 gigabyte model retailed for 579. Later one plus unveiled the 60 on October 29 2018. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first year that one plus introduced the ram upgrades instead of storage upgrades.

 A pricing shocked many people by only increasing the lower end model by $20. And keeping the higher end model the same. So for 128 gigabytes of storage and six gigs of RAM pricing was 549. And for the same amount of storage, but with eight gigabytes of RAM, it remained 579 compared to the last iteration in 2019. On May 14, one plus unveiled the one plus seven and for the first time, a pro model to go it. The one plus seven was not released in the US, which is why pricing came in at roughly $640 after the conversion. But if you’re from the US like myself, I would disregard the seven and instead let’s focus on the seven Pro.

 The seven pro was equipped with higher inspects and three different options in terms of RAM, you had six gigabytes, eight gigabytes and 12 gigabytes a price that 669 699 and 749. This was the biggest price increase we had seen so far coming in at $120. More roughly 120 that is versus the last generation. The one plus 70 came out September 26 2019. And unlike the seven It was a US release pricing started at 599. And then month later in October the 70 Pro was released, but it wasn’t available in the US originally until the McLaren edition.

 A pricing for the 70 Pro came in at around 865 bucks, which again was around $120 price increase from the last model. Finally we arrive with the one plus eight and the one plus eight probe released April 14 2020. pricing for the eight starts at 699 which is $100 increase from the 70 and the eight pro starts at 899 which is technically around a $30 increase. You see some people have compared the price of the 70 with the eight Pro, which is not how it should be a pro models need to be compared with last pro models.

And then when looking at it from that perspective, it make a little bit more sense and change things ever so slightly. In any Case, how did we go from $299 to $899, in a matter of about six years? Well, there’s several different reasons. But first, let’s look at what could have caused the biggest price jump in one plus history, the 62, the seven Pro, and then the 62, the seven, the 62, the seven pro was $120, price jump, and the 62. The seven was $100 price jump when looking at the specs of the 60, the seven and a seven Pro, there’s a processor jump going from the 845 on the 60 to the 855.

 On the seven and seven Pro, you have more RAM on the seven and seven Pro, especially on a seven pro since it can go all the way up to 12 gigabytes. And then you have a refined design, and several other features that enhance the experience over the 16. This includes things like the one plus seven pros pop up camera, which must have cost one plus quite a bit of money for r&d. And yeah, there’s other refinements that I’m not really going over, but you can see the specs on the screen for yourself.

Now, the Galaxy S 10 and the S 10. Plus were released that year, the Galaxy S 10 started at 899. And the S 10. Plus started at 999 Versus 640 for the one plus seven 669 699 and 749. For the seven Pro. Having used all of these devices, I would take the esteem plus overall followed by the one plus devices. Samsung had a trick up their sleeve with the Galaxy S 10 II, which was pretty much a Galaxy S 10 with a few downgrades the price came in at 749 which was quite considering that said when looking at the one plus seven pro and it’s beautiful display the eye catching pop up camera, it’s difficult to pick the S 10 e over the one plus seven pro the iPhone xs and Xs max four released a few months to the one plus seven. pricing for the Xs started at 999 and the Xs max came in at 1099.

 These were higher prices than the one plus seven and seven pro all of these devices are great, but or not the iPhone xs and Xs max provides an experience that’s worth several $100 more comes down to you. Apple had a special release with the iPhone xR which brought a lot of the Xs features minus the high resolution OLED display, it did have thicker bezels. And there wasn’t a telephoto camera on the backside. So portrait mode was limited to faces only. But with that said, it did come with a larger battery than the 10 S is a starting price of 749 bucks, which was really good.

So now let’s fast forward to current times Samsung has the S 20 and the S 20 plus, which start at 999 and 1199. Versus the one plus eight coming in at 699. And the eight pro at 899. Apple who I feel was one plus his biggest competitor when looking at prices alone has the iPhone 1111 Pro and then the 11 Pro max Prices start at 699 999 and 1099. Now Apple was praised for the iPhone 11 is price since they delivered an amazing phone with great features at such a good price. But you can see the iPhone 11 matches the one plus eight price which brings a phenomenal experience with high inspects just like the iPhone 11.

I could go on and keep comparing but I think you see my Point, while one plus has increased the price of their phones over time. The experience has been improved and increased over time, compelling specs and features that match or exceed the competition. to make more cost conservative models. They’re always more crippled Versus one pluses or even their own higher end models. I know this doesn’t officially answer the question, why has the price increased so much, but at least now we have some clarity on the market. Since other manufacturers have increased their prices over time.

One thing I think many people are forgetting is that one plus does not manufacture their components. While they do technically engineer their own software, which is oxygen OS. It’s merely a skin on top of a software that Google controls and creates. companies like Samsung and Apple create their own processors minus that some Samsung devices are using Qualcomm radios and chips. However, Samsung even creates their own storage as display tech. With this in mind. It’s hard not to respect one plus when they are delivering phones like the one plus eight and the one plus eight pro for prices that are cheaper than the competition. But they have to outsource all of their parts from these manufacturers such Samsung.

 The final thing to think is inflation. And this is a big thing here in the United States since the cost of everything is continuously going up. But our US dollar the value of it is going down with all These things being laid out, do I think the one plus eight and the one plus eight pro are overpriced? No, it’s definitely not the $299 flagship killer I remember, but no company can survive by pricing their devices that low for this long. The biggest difference is where companies like Apple slowly raised their prices over the course of many, many years. One plus had to raise their prices a little bit at a time for each launch in order to keep up with demand and stay relevant in the tech market.

This of course means spending more money on higher end parts r&d in order to bring exclusive and new features to their devices and ensuring cue so the fans can receive their phones on time. That said, I do think that one plus should be held at a higher regular whenever people are reviewing their phones and should not be given passes just because they’re delivering phones for less money prices go up. So should that discrimination, however, I think people really need to think what we just went over before complaining too much about the price alone. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

 I know it was a little bit different than what I usually do.

 But I decided to take a different approach for my first video and the one plus eight series. If you enjoyed this video, think giving it a thumbs up. Let me know what you want to see in terms of content for the one plus eight and eight pro down in the comment section.






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