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An Adorable Device iPhone 11 Pro Max Review

It’s been over six months since the iPhone 1111 Pro and the 11 Pro max were released. In the six months things have changed.  much smarter. With these things in mind, I think it’s time that we discussed my experience with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, six months later. Today we’re going to discuss my six-month experience with the iPhone 11 Pro max. And to make it easier for you if there’s something specific that you’re looking for, or an area you want to see me talk about, feel free to check the timecode down in the description.

 And in a nutshell, let me know how your experience has been with your iPhone 1111 pro or 11 Pro max. That way we can compare our experiences and see if we had a similar time. With that out of the way. When I first picked up my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I was pretty stoked about the dark green color and the matte glass on the back six months later, I still love the matte glass, but the dark green color has kind of lost my interest and I feel like I should have went with the white model or the black model. It’s not that it’s bad looking by means. It’s just not a neutral color. I love the new blue cases that Apple just released but unfortunately they look kind of with the dark green camera poking through the backside. Durability wise, it’s held up pretty good.

I do have a few micro scratches on my display, but nothing too bad. Typically I use a screen protector on my phone, but I ended up shattering the one that I was using and I never replaced it. I definitely don’t recommend doing that though. So if you break your screen protector, just buy a new one. iPhone displays are notorious for scratching super easy, the backside has held up really good. I’ll set up a few good scuffs I managed to do the first week of owning my phone out of stainless steel frame has maintained its color and doesn’t really show scratches, scuffs or overall wear, which is really impressive.

 One thing about the iPhone 11 Pro Max is that it’s pretty heavy, I mean even heavier than the Galaxy S 20 Ultra, and that’s a big boy. Plus, it’s a pretty big phone. And with hardly one handed software features in of iOS, it can be cumbersome to use. That said I’m okay with the weight and size since the weight distribution is really nice. And after using it for six months and adapting to it. It’s been pretty easy. Watching movies and playing games has been great, the media consumption experience overall has been fantastic.

Although there is room for improvement. I think the next iPhone definitely needs promotion. After using several Android phones these past many years that have 90 and 120 hertz displays, it’s hard to go back to a 60 hertz display. Not to mention the iPad Pro has promotion. And it’s friggin awesome. The speakers on the iPhone 11 Pro max are really good. They are a little heavier with the bass, but overall I think they provide a well-balanced sound, I found myself listening to music to the speakers on my phone several times when I’m editing a video or cleaning offices, instead of using headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

Let’s talk about performance for a second in no I’m not going to get into the benchmarks and all of that jazz on my iPhone 11 Pro max performs it should on most days, I do a lot of photo editing on my phone. I’ve edited several thumbnails for my videos just like this video on my phone. I have edited quite a bit of 4k 60 frames per second footage for Instagram Stories day 13 has been able to handle anything and everything that I throw at it.

So in regard, I have to say I have no complaints. However, I do have issues when it comes to my phone locking up and overheating. I’ve tried to replicate these instances, unfortunately, they just are so sporadic. It’s impossible. The first time it happened I was trying to use the camera app, and then the phone just suddenly froze. I couldn’t pull up the power menu or force close the app. And to make things worse, the back of the phone started to get really, really hot. I was able to do a hard reset which did fix the problem for the time being this example Same thing ended up happening to me multiple times, just using different apps, some third party and some stock.

 Luckily, after the most recent 13 points 4.1 update, it hasn’t happened again. But if it does, I’m definitely going to update you on Twitter. I guess this is a good transition into software, which will be pretty short and sweet. iOS is getting better I feel but I can’t help but feel bored and tired of the same old interface, the same old limitations like not being able to sign my own default apps. I mean, if I want to use Google Apps my primary navigation app, that shouldn’t be an problem anymore.

 I mean, we’re in 2020 widgets, I’ve never been my cup of tea, but being able to them to your homepage and move your icons around freely, could add some flair. I don’t maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m weird, but in my opinion, iOS really needs a makeover cosmetically and functionally. With that said, the consistent experience or the amount of time Apple supports their devices with routine updates. And I have to give Apple praise for listening to the consumers and giving us features like the files app, dark mode, and the swipe keyboard. But if I’m being real, it’s still not enough.

I remember switching to the iPhone xR when it first came out. The screen of course wasn’t the best but man that battery life was legendary. Of course, over time, days became shorter in screen on time became less and less. Thanks to many of the iOS updates that were pushed out by xR went from being legendary to good. Well, that same story applies to the iPhone 11 Pro max. In the beginning, then I went through a period where Johnny five couldn’t have saved my phone from dying reassembled.

Recently, I decided to go in and change a lot of my notifications for many apps. This and I did a factory reset, which helped. While it’s not the same results I was getting in the beginning, it’s far better than what I was getting. Charging wise being able to fast charge using my MacBook or iPad charger is nice for quick refills. I definitely don’t recommend doing this routinely since I believe that’s what’s caused my battery health to depreciate so quickly going from 100 to 95% remaining in terms.

 Typically I just use wireless charging at night I just put it on a wireless charger before bed and that’s that’s even though it’s slow it does the job and I feel like it’s the safest way to camera on the iPhone 11 Pro Max is tried and true. The addition of deep fusion which came after the release of the iPhone 11 series is nice it feels the missing element between night mode and HDR. I just wish that there was a way for it to work on all of the cameras including the front facing. I wish there was a way to force it to work instead of relying on it to kick in.

Nonetheless, it works it works really good. This can be said all around our fuel for all of the cameras. The wide angle is one of my favorites on smartphone falling right behind the note 10 plus in the Galaxy S 20. Ultra night mode has been great in the subtle improvements Apple has made with each update after the release have really helped optimize it for better results.

But again, I wish it was available on every camera including the front. Speaking of the front camera, it’s very capable in most situations Not to mention portrait mode on both the rear front cameras have received updates since the iPhone 11 Pro Max was released. It’s not a big difference from launch, but the consistency reliability and the cutout accuracy has definitely been improved.

 Video wise the iPhone is still the goat supporting 4k 60 frames per second on every single camera offering HDR video even when shooting 4k 60 and it has great looking 4k 24 p footage. The iPhone 11 Pro and D 11. Pro max provide the best video recording experience on smartphone. There are also the 120 and 240 frames per second slow-motion modes that look amazing to go even one step further with photography and videography. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a really good stock editing solution. For photo editing you get quite a bit of control including many lighting controls or exposure controls and color adjustments.

Personally I prefer the photo editor on my s 20 Ultra but the iPhone is a close second. for video editing, you have a lot of the same controls for color, which is really nice to see. Unfortunately, there isn’t a timeline Style Editor like you get on Samsung devices. But maybe in the future. This is something that Apple Can you know bring over. But with that said iMovie is usually pre installed on your phone and that does have a timeline based editor. the best iPhone experience I have had to date. My only regret is going with the larger size but I say that every single year and I never changed because I’m an idiot.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has given me its fair share of issues and glitches. But overall the experience has been what you would expect from Apple, a mostly reliable consistent experience across the board, if that experience is getting a little stale.



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