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My FAST Electric Bike Review

What’s up people. This is an electric bike called the snugger. From ride out. Now I have some experience when it comes to electric rivals. But this is my first e bike. And I’m pretty stoked. So when the bike arrives, you have to put it together, this includes putting on the front wheel, you have to put on the monitor, you got to Slide the battery in, you got to put the pedals on, I did it by myself, it took me between like 30 to 45 minutes.

But if you have someone helping you, I’m sure you could probably do it like 20 or 25. the bike to a professional and having you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, or if you have no experience putting it back together. First of all, it supports 385 pounds, which is kind of funny, because on the website, it states like 275 or 300. And then in the manual, it states 275 or 302 different weights.

And when you think that this is a two person bike, So I contacted the company and they let me know that the weight limit for their two seaters is 385 pounds, so you don’t have anything to worry about. We have a mozo suspension fork system. So you can see the suspension right here. And the cool along with that we have these thick tires that are not only good to grip the road when you’re writing it on pavement or the road. But to go off road. I mean, these tires are super thick and beastly like, they are amazing to be honest.

 So like I said in the beginning, this is a two person bikes, we have an extended seat here, you know, so you can sit up front and then you have your passenger on the back. And to go along with that we have flipped down foot rest for the passenger to rest their feet. However, if you’re a solo rider, you can use this elongated seat to readjust yourself. So if you’re too close to the handlebars, you can scoot back if you want to get closer to the handlebars, you can scoot forward. So having this extended seat is a really big win in my opinion. So we have quick release locks right here for the front wheel.

And there’s another one for the seat. which can be turned on with a switch right here. And then you can turn it off. And then right below that you have a power switch, which I can’t really show you because it’s like way under there. But you can easily get these two switches confused, and smaller, and you can just easily switching on and off. We have a headlight which can be turned on right here with this red button to push it.

That’s on that’s off. And right below that we have a horn. So a really cool feature that many people may not be aware of is there’s a USB Port here under the LCD display so you can charge your phone. While it is attached to like a bike mount right here, instead of having to use the second USB Port, which let me show you what that one’s at the second USB ports on the back of the bike right here. And this USB Port right here is for your passengers. So if you have someone on the back of the bike, now they can charge their phone while they’re riding with you. So the snugger comes with two keys.

 And these are not used to start the bike, they’re used to remove the battery, let me show you. So you’re gonna take the keys, put it in the little key slot there, turn it counterclockwise, grip the battery after turning it off, and then slide it right up. That way, if you’re going to like a store, or you’re going to school, you’re going somewhere where you’re going to be in that specific location for you know, a hot minute, you can take out the battery, and then no one can steal your bike or your battery. And you can remove the battery to charge it, like check the battery levels by tapping the indicator right there. And technically speaking, external battery pack. So you can use this to charge your phone. It’s pretty big, but you can do it.

Outside of this bike being an E bike, it’s a manual bike. And we have a seven speed gear switch here that you can easily switch while you’re riding. And then we have an LCD display right here. And the controls for the bike in terms of switching the different modes are all found right here the on and off button. And on the LCD display, you’ll see everything that you need to know which I’ll show you here in just a minute.

So to get up and running when it comes to this bike does a switch back here that you have to flip you’ll hear it just like that. And then you hold down the M button right here. And you’ll see the LCD turn on. And now you’re pretty much good to go. Going back to this LCD display. It shows a lot of useful information like your battery level, we have an odometer, your speed, the different modes, the watts being used, error codes will pop up and then your power level.

So over here we have an up and down arrow. And this is how you can cycle through the different modes the power levels. So if you’re in a power level zero, that means this bike is fully manual. So you just ride it like a regular bike, going up to power level one and Eco mode, it’s going to be pedal assist, but it’s going to help you save some battery. So it’s basically staying in the manual mode type of bike, but giving you a little bit of that juice, going into regular power level two, it’s going to give you a little bit more, you know electric is, so it’s still pedal assist, but it’s going to give you a little bit more power a little bit more speed. Same thing with power level three, staying in regular mode, just a little bit more power a little bit more speed. Going into power mode and power level four, we’re starting to get into it being just an E bike, so you’re going to get even more power, even more speed, and less pedal assist.

And then power level five is pretty much all e bike mode, giving you the most power, most speed. And this is the mode that I tend to enjoy the most. So right here next to the gears, we have our accelerate button for going into like a bike mode. So I’m about the takeoff, here we go. So how’s the experience been? Well, I gotta say, first of all, this bike is really comfortable. And I love the step through design.

So you don’t have to step over to seat make yourself look awkward tripped over the bike in front of your friends, and then you just look like a clown, the seat is really comfortable, the suspension works. And thanks to these thick tires, I’ve to like have issues when doing sharp turns like the tires, they grip to the road. And I feel safe overall riding this thing despite it going up to 28 miles an hour. Well, that’s the advertised speed that is now I’ve been able to get up to about 25 miles an hour.

Now, depending on your weight, the terrain that you’re riding on how many hills you have, or other factors, you get less miles or you get more, or you going like faster, you achieve the full 28 miles an hour. But for me, I was able to get between like 23 and 25. So this bike does have regenerative braking, but it doesn’t give you that much power. However, I guess if you’re using it in like the manual only mode, you know, get some power back. But for the most part.

And to go along with all this battery talk. If you’re curious about how long it takes to charge this thing, it is longer than say something like the Boosted, I am used to, it takes five and a half hours to charge this from zero. So don’t plan on driving up to your local Starbucks, getting a coffee and then charging your battery, it’s just not going to happen. When it comes to safety. I highly suggest that if you pick up one of these bikes, to get yourself a helmet, I’m going to go ahead and order myself one.

You see in Florida, So I’ve been able to get by without one. However, this does go really fast. And I’m going to protect my noggin. Also make sure you check with your local laws on ebikes. Since this does go up to 28 miles an hour that be against the law. And it you know. So make sure you check your local guidelines and laws. Honestly, this bike is a lot of fun. It’s it’s way funner than I thought it was gonna be, it’s definitely eye catching. So while you’re riding, it’s that people are going to give you some weird looks.

So it’s really interesting. I could see this being great for people that live in cities, and you need to get around and you don’t feel like taking public transportation. This could definitely come in clutch, but keep the pricing in mind. The it comes in two different motor options, we have a 500 watt and a 700 watt motor Pricing starts at 1699 bucks for the 500 watt, and basically 2000 bucks for the 700 watt. So you got to look at it from that perspective, instead of just being a bike.

So the rhino snugger is a bike that I’ve come to really enjoy. And I can easily recommend it. Or maybe you’re just trying to get away from your car in car payments, this could be a great option and I really have enjoyed my time with it. I even put my puppy or my dog on my chest and his little harness and I drive him around sometimes and he seems to enjoy it or he’s just terrified one of the two but if you have questions about this bike, go ahead and drop me a comment down below.



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