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Cooling Setup At My Home Review

What’s good friends, I got something unique for you today, something that I’ve never done before. This is from media, it’s a Portable air conditioner. And I have some really awesome plans for this thing that involves converting my garage to a studio, I won’t take you out there right now, but it’s so dirty, you’re probably gonna pass out and if you pass out, I won’t know where you’re at. And I won’t be able to call 911.

So I’m just looking out for you. In this article, I’m going to show you what’s in the box, I’m going to show you the key features of the media Portable air conditioner, what separates it from the competitors out there. And then I’m going to install it in a window, which is a use situation. So I’ve partner with media for this video. So shout out to media for making this possible. I’m really excited. I’m new to the whole Portable air conditioner world. It’s for room sizes up to 100 square feet, perfect for my garage.

But that’s enough of me talking, let’s go ahead and dive into this thing. Boom. Simple, follow simple. So I almost forgot to tell you guys, Mindy and I are partnering together and we’re gonna be giving one of these away, all you got to do to enter is make sure you’re following media, on Facebook and on Instagram. Those links can be found in the description of this video, then make sure you subscribe to my channel, then go down in the comment section and let me know how would you use a Portable AC? More importantly, how would you use a media Portable air conditioner in the summer to keep you cool? I got to unwrap this so yeah.

got wheels. Oh, then see you guys down there. I did not you guys were hanging out in a box. But okay, so excuse me. While I have the manual open. I’m gonna go ahead and tell you the exact items come inside the box. You get a unit adapter, one exhaust hose, one windows slider adapter, one wall exhaust adapter, which does not feature a cap, one window slider type A and then one window slider type key, you get a power cord buckle, you get one bolt, drain hose two pieces of foam seal type a two pieces of foam seal type B one piece of foam seal type C and then a with a set of batteries.

 Windows not feeling the AC. I’m gonna go ahead and read up on this prepare myself for this installation, and probably install it in one of these two windows. But the weather is looking kind of crummy right now. So I gotta wait for the storm to pass Florida weather. But because of movie magic, this transition is going to you to the time of the video where we begin the install ready out like a light. As you can see, I got it all hooked up. It’s the same day. I know I’m changed but to get a little late.

 It started raining , I think it’s still raining and I want to take a shower. So yeah, that’s it didn’t take me this long to do it. It took me like 2025 30 minutes to get it all attached and set up. And that’s referring to the manual quite a bit since this is my first time installing it. As taking precautions. I’m going to put it out in the garage, so I had to be a little careful with the installation. But in a more traditional install, I could probably put this in like 10 or 15 minutes and that includes connecting it.

The window bracket is nice since it accommodates hung or sliding windows plus it’s adjustable from 26.5 inches to 48 inches. In my Case, I have hung windows so it works like a charm. If you’re looking for a setup on how to get this installed in your house media has a great one on their YouTube channel. I’m gonna link it down in the description. Give it a watch because that’s one that I watched when I installed mine. The clip-on exhaust hose can extend up to 59 inches and when paired with the wheels on the unit itself, it makes it pretty maneuverable depending on your space. In terms of faces, I personally think it looks good.

I mean depending on setup, It is white, it has minimal logos and distractions, which makes it pretty neutral for all environments. The top has an easy to read layout displaying the settings you are using. the sleep timer fan modes, temperature and power functions from up here by tapping on the buttons. There’s a Wi Fi indicator button to let you know if the unit is attached to your Wi Fi network.

 I personally am going to love this ability when I put it out there in my garage before I go out there and work and shoot some B roll or get some product shots, I can just get on my phone and then turn down the temperature that way it’s nice and cool before I go out there and start working, but more so this can tie into your smart home by using an Amazon Echo. All you have to do is Lincoln through the app and then Alexa, turn on Portable AC Just like that, and if I want to turn it off, Alexa, turn off my Portable AC. Easy.

The mobile app features a lot of controls like being able to set up your temperature, fan speed, selecting different modes, having the swing adjusting the sleep settings. If you don’t want to use your phone, that’s okay, it comes with a solid, I was unboxing. I thought there was batteries included already in the remotes in the two that were in the box, were just like button. That wasn’t the Case. This thing is just that sturdy when it comes to its build quality, offers of functionality.

It’s got a large LCD screen that displays the status of your units, you can select the mode you want to be in the fan speed temperature timer, and select a setting. That way you can quickly go back to it if you adjustments. It has the ability to turn on the sleep mode to the swing feature for the events. The follow me feature which we’ll talk about in a second, and turn on and off the LEDs which are on the unit. In terms of modes, dry heat and fan. These are all self explanatory, but the dry kinda had me confused. I’ve never seen this before on an AC units.

So I was a little curious. I looked it up and I found out DRI is turning this unit into a dehumidifier which again is fantastic for Florida so I can dehumidified my garage maybe a day and it should get rid of a lot of the moisture that’s in there. And then when I shut my garage door and seal the door, it should keep most of the moisture out. I’m thinking if I dehumidifier a day, it should be fine in a lot of my equipment out there and things that are metal should stay rust free. The remote has built in sensors to regulate the temperature of its location.

 When you select Auto heat the system will use the measurement from the Versus the unit itself in order to optimize the right airflow for maximum comfort. Pressing the follow me button on will send a temperature signal to the main unit every three minutes and then pressing the game will turn off the feature. And for my use. So far. Now I’ve had minimal use. But this this is not a review by means.

But for my use so far, it can cool a room really quick and it produces a lot of airflow. Now one thing that comes with a lot of airflow is it’s audible. So if you’re going to be putting this in a room where you’re going to be doing like voiceovers or anything that involves some type of sound recording, I would turn it off before you start recording anything i mean it’s it’s not anymore than like a AC, but it’s definitely audible.

Here’s a quick example. So we’ll go ahead and turn this on. And I’m going to turn the temperature down to we’ll say 70 degrees, and we’re going to select cool. It’s cooling cheeks a little bit. Since I haven’t been using the unit long enough I can’t really touch on maintenance. However there is a light on the unit itself to let you know when the filters need to be cleaned. Accessing the filters is easy there’s an upper one which comes out like so.

And then a lower one that slides out just like this. Again, I haven’t had to do maintenance on this thing, but in my follow up video, I’ll make sure that I touch on this and go through my full experience what I had to do in terms of like draining it or clean the filters. So yeah, that’s pretty much it for this video. I’m really stoked to put this thing to use and put it out in my garage, I get my studio slash gym set up. So I’ll definitely be doing a follow up video. If you don’t want to miss that make sure to subscribe and then click the bell so you can be alerted when that video drops.

If you’re interested in picking up a media Portable AC for yourself in the description, there’s a code that you can use that will save you 15% off just make sure you use the link that’s down there that will take you over to the product page.



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