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An Expensive Device Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

This article is sponsored by paper like paper like isn’t just a matte style screen protector, though it does help reduce fingerprints and smudges while minimizing glares from harsh lighting. However, the smooth gritty texture of the paper like screen protector makes for a perfect surface for writing. The way the Apple Pencil glides on paper like improves accuracy.

Paper like features nano dots on the surface that reduce wear on the Apple Pencil. All of these things make paper like the perfect accessory for students, artists and graphic designers. If you’re interested in learning more about paper like including how to pick one up for yourself, make sure to check out the link in the description below. Somebody recently asked me to a cross platform ecosystem and specific they wanted me to show how a PC, an iPad and an Android phone can all work seamlessly together.

So in this video, we’re going to be doing just that we’re going to be using the Galaxy Note 2002 from the Microsoft Surface laptop three, and an iPad Pro. Thanks to Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership, the integration between windows and galaxy is quite nice. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a feature onboard called link to Windows and it works great. before showing you all of the capabilities. Let me first show you how to set it up. The first thing we need to do is go in of our Quick Toggles, we’re going to look for a link to Windows, it’s right here, just tap on the words link to Windows, tap on details.

 And then right here under the account, you are going to tap and then you’re going to sign in to your Microsoft account, tap on link your phone to PC. So we’re going to tap Continue. And then we need to go to this website right here on PC, it take a few minutes for the linking to complete. But it’s completely ended, you’re going to be brought to this screen and it’s going to say that your Android phone is offline. Now if you go back over to your galaxy note 20, you’re going to see that you’ve received the information to allow the phone to connect to the desktop. So we’re going to go ahead and accept that and allow it.

Now if we go back to our PC, you can see everything is now officially complete. We can pin the your phone app to our Taskbar so we’ll hit get started. Once attached , you can place phone calls from your Windows PC send text messages. Best of all, if you’re using Samsung messages your default SMS client, Windows now supports RCS when sending messages. You can browse the gallery and transfer images to and from your note 20 Oh tra while on your Windows PC. You can copy text on a your clipboard on your 20 Ultra, which is quite nice. All of these things are pretty awesome, right?

Well, there’s one more thing that you can do with link to Windows that really takes things to the next level, you can run apps that are on your phone right from your Windows PC. For example, if you have error message set up to run on your Mac home server, you can send and respond to messages directly on your Windows PC. I can cover this in more detail in a separate video. So if you’re interested in learning how I use iMessage on Android, and now on Windows, let me know and I’ll bust out a video. There’s nothing wrong with handling texts the way I just showed you. But unfortunately, there’s no way to get Samsung messages to work with the iPad.

However, I have a fix for you if you’re willing to use a third party SMS client, when you need to do is download Android messages on your galaxy note 20 Ultra, make sure that when you set it up, it’s now your default SMS client. Now on your iPad using the safari internet browser, go to the Android messages website. I’ll be sure to drop the link in the description so you don’t have to hunt it down. You should be taken to a website that has a QR code. Now on your note 20 Ultra open up Android messages, tap the three little dots in the top right corner.

Now use the note 20 Ultra to scan the QR code that’s appearing on your iPad. Make sure to trust the computer or device that way you don’t have to do this over and over again, you should see all of your messages from your notes now on your iPad. Since this is a web app, you’ll need to have an internet connection in order to use it which shouldn’t be too big of a since the note 20 Ultra and most carriers do support mobile hotspots. Of course, if your iPad is an LTE model, this will make things even easier and much faster. Now we need to clean it up and make it easier to open like it was a regular app, all you need to do is tap the share button in Safari, scroll all the way down until you see Add to Homescreen and tap that type in the name that you would like the app to be titled and then tap Add. Now just add the icon to your dock.

And now you can quickly launch Android messages. I covered this in a past video along with the ability to change the icon to whenever you would like so make sure to click the video in the card above. What’s great about Android messages is that long you are talking to someone else that’s using Android messages, you get all of the benefits of RCS like Samsung messages. This includes things like chat bubbles, high res photos and videos plus a lot, you’ll need to make sure all of these things are enabled. So on your note 20 Ultra go into Android messages and then tap the three little dots in the top.

Right Now tap on settings, chat features, and make sure chat features is turned on, then head back over to your iPad, follow those same steps and make sure it’s turned on on there. Alright, so we have the iPad taken care of when it comes to sending and receiving messages that are on your notes. But in the process, we lost the ability to do it on , we are no longer using Samsung messages. That’s okay, there’s many ways to fix this. The first and easiest way is to just launch the Android Messages app using the link to Windows feature. But this may be the easiest way, it’s not necessarily the best since your phone’s display does need to stay turned on in order to use it.

The second way is to open up the Microsoft Edge browser and visit the Android messages website. Scan the QR code a computer and make sure your text messages are now appearing. While you’re in the Edge browser. Go to the top right hand corner and click the three little dots scroll down until you see apps then click on Install site app. This should bring up a separate window with Android messages that looks much more like an actual app Versus a website.

Now go down to your taskbar where the Android messages icon is right click and pin to taskbar. Now you have the ability to send and receive messages on all three devices while retaining all of the benefits of RCS This makes it like an android version of iMessage. Oh yeah, I almost forgot Android messages now has Google duo support.

 So you can place video and voice calls from all three devices. But you will need to download the Google duo app on the iPad. The next thing how to wirelessly transfer files between each of these devices in a cohesive way on the fly. The easiest way is to use a cloud service like OneDrive, opened up OneDrive on the device that has the files you need, and place them in the OneDrive folder or app, give them time to upload, then launch one drive on the other device to copy them over simple stuff but couldn’t be an inconvenience you don’t have an internet connection.

So what I recommend is downloading send anywhere, all three devices send anywhere works just like airdrop when it comes to wireless fileshare. It’s a free app, and it does have ads, but they’re really not too bad. Let me give you a quick example of how it works. Alright, so first, I’m going to wirelessly send a file from my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to my Windows PC. So let’s go ahead and get into send anywhere on the note 20 Ultra. And we’re going to go under photos. And I’m just going to pick a series of photos. And we will send them. Alright, so I have five photos selected, I’m going to tap Send.

And right here you can see it’s located the Windows computer. And now it’s sending.

Now on my Windows PC, I am going to go to history. And then it should automatically start downloading, which it is. If it doesn’t, for some reason, you can just tap on the three little dots. And then you can download them manually. Alright, so it looks like everything is now done, we’re going to go ahead and open up the folder that contains these images. And boom, there they are. So that’s how you can wirelessly send files from your note 20 Ultra to your Windows PC. Now, let’s send the same files over to my iPad.

 Okay, so first things first, let’s go ahead and go back into send anywhere and we’re going to tap on transfer. And now we’re going to tap on the plus button right under the scenario. So hit the plus button. And now we’re going to go to downloads, and we’re going to select these same images, tap open. Now it’s going to load them up in of send anywhere. And you can see it’s picking up my iPad right here. So we’re going to tap on iPad.

And now over on the iPad, we’re going to go under history. And then tap receive. And now it’s receiving those files, just like that, basically, it’s downloading them to my iPad now. So give it a minute to download looks like everything is ended. Now we’re gonna go ahead and open them up. And boom, there they are. There’s 1234 and five, Easy pie. And like I said it does have ads, but they’re really not too, they are not like overbearing by means.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your iPad, check out screens and do it screens will allow you to log into your Windows PC take control using your iPad. You can even copy and paste text between PC iPad easily thanks to the Shared Clipboard feature. It does cost 20 bucks in the iOS app store but it Could be worth it depending on your needs. The windows counterpart is free, just head over to the screens website, which is linked below and download screens Connect for Windows. Once installed, you’re good to go.

Next up is do it, which is a free app. If you just want to use your iPad as a display. It works pretty good thinking it’s a free app. But if you want more features and better quality, you could step up to one of their plans. They start at 1999 a year for wireless supports and better pixel rendering. Or you can go all the way with the 2999 a year plan for many more features including pressure and tilt sensitivity for Apple Pencil support. It’s checking out if you’re interested in using your iPad a drawing tablet on PC. lumen display in my opinion provides a better overall experience.

But unfortunately, it’s not available on Windows, however, it is in the works. It’s way more expensive, something that I just want to throw out there. I think for most people watching this video do it’s going to be plenty plus when you combine it with the paper like screen protector, you can get an impossible experience for drawing in of apps like illustrator or working in Photoshop. That said, browsers, passwords and a lot more, we can make that happen. I just need to know that that’s something that you’re interested in.

For now. That’s going to be the end of this video. I hope you were able to take something from it and it helped you create a cross platform ecosystem for all of your devices.



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