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My New iPad Pro Setup Review

This video is sponsored by paper like I released an iPad Pro video a few weeks back sharing some tips to turn your iPad Pro into a laptop. Several of you wanted to know what other apps I use on a daily basis. And it was about time to do an update of what’s on my iPad Pro video anyways, so let’s not waste more time and dive straight into this beginning with some new accessories that I picked up a few old ones.

If you’ve seen my other iPad Pro videos, then you already know I’m rocking the Apple magic keyboard Case, in my opinion it offers the best overall experience in the smallest form factor. Not to mention the design is impossible with the floating hinge. 350 bucks is a lot of money to spend on a portfolio style keyboard Case, especially for a tablet. Luckily Logitech has released a keyboard Case the smart connector Versus Bluetooth. It comes with a trackpad and it better protection Versus the magic keyboard Case. On top of that, it’s cheaper. I have the newest Apple Pencil snapped right here at the top. I even have my name engraved on it this time around no clue why I did that.

 But I’m at the time, it must have been important to me. I really enjoy writing notes on my iPad and lately I’ve been getting into drawing and doodling a little bit more. For caso speaking a drawing. One of the things that really changed the experience and made it a lot better is the screen protector I’ve been using. It’s from the sponsor of this video paper like I’ve never been a fan of matte style screen protectors because they interfere with the clarity and vibrancy of the display itself. Paper like is the first matte screen protector that I’ve personally used that retains nearly all of the clarity, sharpness and vibrance of the display itself. It cuts back on glares while reducing fingerprints and smudges.

 Most importantly, it enhances the Apple Pencil experience by simulating the same feeling you get writing with a pencil on a piece of paper. The gritty texture of the screen protector allows the Apple Pencil to glide much easier and with better precision. Plus it even makes a similar sound to a pencil on paper. I mean you really have to listen for but it’s pretty awesome. If you’re interested check out the link in the description if you want to pick one up for yourself. I’ve added two new accessories to my arsenal that I’ve really been enjoying.

The first is this eight bit do gaming controller which appreciate mobile gaming will in specific gaming on my iPad, I have connected Xbox controller to my iPad before and even though it’s the same kind of experience, the a bit do controller is just much smaller, making it more travel friendly. So I can game a little bit more, it takes up far less space in a bag and due to how thin it is, you can easily just throw it in your pocket if you wanted to. Plus, it works like a boss and I’m really enjoying it. Next up is this MIDI keyboard. It’s from a chi the name of it is the NPK mini it’s a super popular MIDI keyboard, so you have already heard of it. I’m a big fan of hip hop and music in.

 In Case you didn’t know already, I’ve written songs and produced a few solo albums mixtapes for local artists. But that was years and years ago. And unfortunately, I lost all of my files when my older computer crashed. And yeah, it really hurt. And I never really got back into music. Since I was passionate about it, I really want to start getting into it a little bit a break from YouTube. And you know, do something out of passion Versus out of like a job. Just it just feels kind of refreshing.

And in Case you’re wondering, the dock that I’m using is from 12 south. I’ve talked about it in nearly every video the reason why I didn’t bring it up, but I’ll link it in the description if you want to read about it and find out some more information. Alright, so those were the assessories that I am using. Now let’s dive into the apps. here is the wallpaper that I’m rocking on my lock screen, I’ll try to link it in the description. But if I can’t find the link, you’ll need to download the app that I use to download my version. For my home screen, I’m using just a solid black wallpaper, nothing fancy, but it still looks really clean. Opening up my Utilities folder.

The first app I want to show you is the wallpaper app I last mentioned, it’s called dope balls. And it’s free with ads, of course, offers a big selection of great looking wallpapers. But I really like about dope balls are the built in filters and customization options, you can apply a filter and then save the wallpaper straight to your iPad or favorited and then download it later. Call me icons and screens are two apps that I talked about in my last iPad Pro video. So if you missed it, be sure to give it a watch to find out a little bit more information about these specific apps.

The video is time coded so you can go to that specific Points and then just start from there. In a nutshell, call me icons allows you to custom icons for bookmark websites that are saved to your homescreen screens is a way to access your desktop computers. Whether it’s a Mac or a Windows PC iPad, I use it to manage my Mac Mini server and since it supports management, I can troubleshoot or fix problems from anywhere in the world long I can log into my Mac Mini send anywhere is easily one of my most used apps to date. It’s similar to airdrop but allows you to send and receive files from Android and Windows devices.

The app is available on nearly all platforms making it the most universal way of wirelessly sending files, pictures and videos. One blocker isn’t so much an app it is a plugin or extension to Safari, it blocks pop ups and annoying ads which really improves an already great experience when it comes to Safari. Astro pad studio allows you to tether your iPad to your desktop or laptop computer and use it a dedicated drawing tablet. It’s pretty expensive, coming in 1199 a month 7999 a year.

And there’s no option for a one time payment, making it pricey. That said it does have a free trial which I am using and it works really good. It’s unfortunate there’s no way I could take advantage of it enough to justify paying four bucks a month. But if you’re a graphic designer or an artist, definitely check it out. If you haven’t already, if you have used it, do you recommend it? Let me know down in the comment section I’m sure a few other people would like to know. The last app I want to show you in my Utilities folder is clean Fox. If you have multiple email accounts suffer from an abundance of junk mail and spam, you really need to check out clean Fox.

 It’s a free app that scans your inbox for newsletters, junk spam and other unwanted emails, then it quickly allows you to double check but orders everything by sender making it very quick to clean all of your inboxes I was able to do both of my email addresses in less than 45 minutes. And this includes going back into accounts double checking making sure that no important emails were accidentally removed. Clean Fox did a great job by only removing unwanted emails.

 However, it did miss a few which I just went in and deleted manually, you do have to allow permission for the app to access, which may put some people off. But so far, I’ve had zero security issues additional spam. Diving into my productivity folder. The first app I want to show you is niebo. If you like to handwrite your notes Versus typing them, you for sure need to check out niebo it converts handwriting to text and it’s very accurate.

recognize cursive the majority of the time, which is really saying something. From there, you can export the document so you can view it and edit it in other apps like Microsoft Word. The other productivity app. Unlike other note taking apps that allow you to save your progress time or even have an autosave feature built in the app. Danger notes aims to eliminate distractions by forcing you to work you start typing a note you can’t save until a certain block of time has lapsed, that block of time can be adjusted. Currently I have mine set up for five minutes.

 This means I can’t save my note until five minutes have passed. To go a step further. If you stop typing, you’re given just a few seconds to start typing again. Otherwise, you’ll see a progress bar start to fill up at the top of the screen. If you stop typing too long, you lose all of your work. It just deletes everything it doesn’t save. And then it’ll take you back to your last safe position. So if you don’t have a safe position, you get to go back to square one. It’s an interesting way of taking notes and getting your thoughts out there by forcing.

Since you start a documents, you can’t stop until you get everything out that you need to get out. I’ve been using it and it’s helped me with writer’s block a few times as staying focused on my work bouncing into my video editing folder. There’s only two apps that I really want to talk about since I covered everything else in that last video. The first app is emotion which stabilizes shaky footage. It’s going to work with some DSLR and mirrorless camera files, but not all. Trust me. I’ve tried several and some of them didn’t work. However it works amazing with videos taken with the iPhone.

The second app is maveo, which will clean up your audio. I’ll cue Sonos creates the app which is saying something if you’re not familiar, they create award winning plugins for desktop and ease and audio software. maveo has tools to clean up noise and improve the quality of your audio with just a click of a button. Initially, it was a little buggy and I had several issues and it really didn’t do a good job. But after the last update, I hve gotten impossible results. paper is a really nice app for creating handwritten notes, drawing doodling and creatiang diagrams. There’s a lot more that it’s capable of but you are limited if you’re using the free option. A subscription is cheap, though it’s like 11 bucks or 12 bucks a year, which gives you access to all of the tools and features of paper, the layout and UI of paper is beautiful.

You can create multiple notebooks with custom covers, change up how you view your notes and of course manually organize things. paper is so good that many artists from around the world choose it’s over more professional or feature packed digital sketchpads. In Case you are wondering, my current email app is spark spark has been the most consistent and reliable client that I’ve ever used. Plus, it’s so nice having a consistent email experience No matter if I’m on Android, Mac OS or iOS. A Windows app is even in the works, which I’m super excited for sliding over to the next page I have procreate which is far more feature rich Versus paper. However, it’s much more complex. And if you’re just getting started, you find it overwhelming. I’m still doing.



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