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An Attractive Device Galaxy Buds Review

Hey, what’s up. So I got the galaxy buds live. And I was super excited when they showed up I wanted to share the unboxing experience with you, but I got a little too excited. So let me preface this video by saying I’ve already opened these up, I’ve already taken them out of the box. I’ve already attached them to the phone and I’ve already used them. However, I put everything back in the box and I disconnected it from my note 20 Ultra. That way we can do everything from start to end, but let me just tell you, they’re amazing.

You can see the box right here we have the buds right here with some writing on the bottom, very minimal packaging, open it up. And in the top we have our Samsung paperwork, it’s gonna be like your safety warranty information, literature, stuff like that. Go ahead and put it back. We’ll get to the buds live here in just a minute. We have a USB a two USB C charging cable, no wall adapter because they’re counting on you already having a smartphone Steve should already have a wall adapter. And then you have some replacement, your tips that are larger, but I swap mine out.

So these are the smaller ones. I’ll show you how that works because they are very unique, unlike other headphones or earbuds that I personally used. So here are the buds live. The first thing that stood out to me was how compact this carrying cases like I love the square design when you look at it compared to something like the galaxy buds and buds Plus, you can see this is much more compact. This is like a pill shape. But this is just way more pocketable not saying that this isn’t pocketable by means. But this just I don’t know I like the square design. Again, this is like a rectangular or almost like an oval design.

I mean, the galaxy buds live are a little bit thicker, both very pocketable but again, I prefer the square Case on the buds live. Now buds live are the original air pods. But you see very similar buds live are definitely thicker, the original air pods are a little bit more compact. But again, I just love the actual squareness of the buds live, I really, really dig this Case, now taking a look at the earbuds themselves. You know, there’s a lot of being jokes going on out there. But I’m not going to crack jokes.

Because after I tried these, all jokes went away, because they sound really good. They’re very comfortable. They have a lot of great features built into them. And we’re going to talk all about that when it comes to just the aesthetics of the buds live, I have to give it up to Samsung, because I think they look really cool. the buzz live look really futuristic. And by the way, this is the mystic black model, they are available in mystic bronze and mystic silver. I mean personally, I think the black model looks the best out of all three, it’s going to show the most fingerprints, if you want the least amount of fingerprints to be shown go with the white model.

And if you want something flashy, go with the bronze. So when it comes to that unique design that I was telling you about, it’s right here. So this is the actual part that goes in your ear. This right here, I was trying to put this part in my ear, because I’m an idiot. But that’s not the part. It’s this part. So it’s really, really unique. And one of the big reasons for this design is that these are open back style earbuds, I’m not going to get into too much detail about you know, closed back Versus open back style headphones, there’s a lot of information out there.

So just a quick search on YouTube, you’ll find a lot of great videos, the biggest difference between open back and closed back comes down to the seal close back is going to give you a tighter seal open back is not going to have a seal. So audio can escape your ear canal, if someone is sitting next to you a little bit more on open back Versus closed back.

So the AirPods pro right here are more of a closed back design, because this part goes in your ear and then it kind of has a seal around it. Whereas these go in your ear, but there’s not a tight seal. So it’s allowing sound to enter sound to exit. So I think that’s one thing that a lot of people are not thinking they are talking about the noise cancellation on the buds live. Of course the noise cancellation isn’t going to be good something like the air pod pros. And that has to do with that this is a closed back design. And this is an open back design.

So something to think. So if you want to swap out the ear hook or ear adapter thinking just pop it off like that. It’s just like rubber or silicone. So if you ever go to the gym and it gets a little funk on it or you just think that it’s dirty, you can disinfect it with some soap and water or some isopropanol alcohol and then just pop it right back on really easy. Mine’s a little stretched out because I stretched out in the beginning, because I didn’t know what I was doing. What I found is that most adults and older kids will probably be more comfortable with The larger adapter Versus the smaller one that comes pre installed, so just swap them out soon you get them.

So that was a quick look at the buds live an unboxing experience. Let’s go ahead and get these paired up with minute 20 Ultra. So that way I can show you how to get everything up and running. Alright, the first thing we’re going to need to do is grab our note 20 here. And it should be just opening this, having it next to the note, you can see it pop up right here, it’s going to ask me to connect, let’s go ahead and connect it. Now it’s going to bring me to the galaxy wearable app, which is where you’re going to be able to customize some of the functions the EQ settings.

And this is what separates the buds live from something like you know, the AirPods Pro is all the customization that you can do the app. Alright, so we’re up and running, we have the galaxy buds live attached to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we’re in the wearables app, we have our EQ settings here, we have our touch controls, if we tap on that, we have different touch and hold operations. So on the left, it’s going to Active Noise Cancelling. And on the right, same thing. But let’s say we wanted to switch that up, we could just tap on that. And we can choose from Bixby, volume down and Spotify. And then on the opposite side, we have the same thing except for volume up instead of volume down.

So if we go into our EQ settings real quick, you can change it from to clear, we have soft, I’m gonna leave mine on. And you can turn on and off the Active Noise Cancelling. Right up here at the top, we have battery levels. So one thing I recommend doing is adding the galaxy buds live widget to your homescreen. So what I’m going to do is add a widget to this blank page, which is to the right of my main page, just touch and hold.

And then tap on widgets. And then look for galaxy buds live. And what I’m going to do is add the battery. But there is the quick control widget. But I want access to the left, right and battery Case at all time. And that’s going to bring you to this menu, so you have the option to match with dark mode or not. If you do not match with dark mode, you can have a white background or a black background, I’m going to go ahead and match with dark mode.  hit the back button and boom, there’s my widget. So I’m gonna drag it up to the top here.

Unfortunately and make it bigger wish you could I’m not sure if you’re using a third party launcher if you would be able to resize the widget or not. I’m sure it’s possible. But if you touch and hold, you can see there’s no resizing options. And if you go into widget settings, it’s going to bring you back to that main page. So let’s go ahead and dive back into the where app and take a look at what else we have. We have the ability to read notifications out loud through the galaxy buds live. So it will read your incoming calls your messages, and you can assign third party apps you download them long it’s supported with Bug’s Life.

We have labs which are going to be kind of like beta test, you have a gaming mode and then you have relieve pressure with ambient sound, which according to the description will prevent stuffiness that you may feel when not using a and c. So if we go back. A voice command and seamless earbud connection. seamless earbud connection allows you to use your Galaxy buds live with device that’s paired to your Samsung, to disconnect them from one device and move them over to the other.

In other words, if I were to take like another Samsung phone that I own right now and empowered on these galaxy buds live will automatically be available on that other device. And I don’t have to disconnect them from my note 20 in order to use them. Hopefully that makes sense. we have find my earbuds kind of common sense. But let me give you a quick demo. If I take my buds live and put them, if we can hear it  louder. kind of sounds like a bird chirping. So you find them, you can just put them back in their Cse.

And then tap stop. So pretty simple stuff, but very useful. So we have a reset option in Case you want to do a factory reset. And then we have the user manual. And then we can update the firmware on our buds live just by tapping download and install. But I know I already have the latest version, so no need to. And then we have tips and user manual and then some information about the earbuds. So there’s one more thing I forgot to show you. If you go back under touch controls, you have the option to block touches. So why would you want to block touches and what does that even do? So the galaxy buds live have touch controls right around here.

 If you double press, it skip to the next song. If you do a triple press it play the last song when you turn unblocked touches, it basically turns off, you don’t get accidental presses trigger. I like to do this whenever I’m trying to get the right fit and swap out the ear tips, the earbuds. So yeah, that’s a quick look at the galaxy buds live, how to set them up, and what the actual app can do. So the galaxy buds live are one of my favorite earbuds right now, granted, I’m not an audio file.

And I don’t own many  true wireless earbuds from other manufacturers. But out of the ones that I’ve tried in the ones that I’ve owned, these are my favorites. I mean, it mostly comes down to battery designing comfort. Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is still pretty legit. It’s definitely better than the galaxy buds plus the galaxy buds and the original air pods. However, when comparing the buds live to the AirPods Pro, it’s not clear cut, it all comes down to what I’ve last tasted. the real comparison would be between the original air pods or the second generation air pods Versus the buds live, which in that Case.

The new 12 millimeter drivers on the buds live definitely helped. They deliver a clear listening experience that’s better than the air pods and Galaxy buds and with more bass than the air pods Pro. Unfortunately high volume levels, the mids and highs do start to become muddy with slight distortion which is not present on the AirPods Pro. Of course the EQ settings can be adjusted in order to reduce the distortion. I would say the AirPods pro are best for listening to music while the buds live or and maybe even monitoring ANC works the best on the AirPods Pro. And the transparency feature is really cool too.

But people need to understand that ANC isn’t going to work the same on open back style earbuds or headphones. There’s no seal like you get with closed back style earbuds such the air pods probe. I mean, technically speaking, it’s nearly impossible for ANC to function good on open back earbuds like the buds live Versus closed back like the air pods Pro. The buds live use a triple microphone system. Two of the mics are beamforming. All three mics work to focus on voice and are assisted by an inward-facing voice pickup unit. Basically, it’s an accelerometer that can detect Jawbone movements, and it uses bone conduction technology to convert vibrations into audio signals.

On top of all that, it assists with reducing room or background noise. Here’s a quick listen to see how they compare against one another. Let me know in the comment section which one you think sounds the best. All four were shot on the galaxy note 20 Ultra Pro mode camera. So here’s a quick example of what the microphones sound like using the buds live should sound a lot better Versus the AirPods pro that I showed in my last video on tips and tricks. So this is a lot lower when it comes to the microphone level. So I was able to keep it at zero. So here’s a quick example using the AirPods pro to give you an idea of what the microphone sounds like on these using the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I turn the levels all the way down to negative 12.

 So hopefully that kind of balances things out Versus what I did last time. So here’s a quick example of what the galaxy buds plus sound like or galaxy buds pretty much the same thing. So I have the original galaxy buds in now and I’m able to still use it with the promo code on the galaxy note 20 Ultra, so let me know how it sounds. So this is the last little test I have the second generation air pods and now what I did was I decreased the mic input level in Pro mode all the way down to negative 12 like I did with the AirPods pro so this should sound pretty good. Let me know which one sounds best to you out of the four. Comfort is very subjective just like sound what’s comfortable to me maybe uncomfortable to you.

So I suggest trying the buds live in store if at all possible. Technically speaking, the AirPods pro for me are a little bit more comfortable than the buds live. But the buds live are a very close second. What really puts the buds live ahead of the air pods pro in my opinion, is how they look in the ear. They’re a little bit more subtle and not offensive making them easier on the eyes and definitely not in your face like AirPods Pro. The battery life has been amazing matches or exceeds the air pods probe. The buds themselves are rated for six hours of use. And four and a half hours of talk time popping them in the Case will charge them which equates to one hour of use for every five minutes of charge.

When combined with the Case you can expect around 29 hours depending on your usage and comparison. there abouts pro deliver four and a half hours of use 3.5 hours of talk time and up to five hours of use if ANC and transparency is turned off. When combined with the Case you can get up to 24 hours of listening time and just like the buds live five minutes of charge equals around one hour of use was great is even at the bugs and the Case die You can use the wireless power share feature on your note 20 Ultra to charge them. This of course will work with wireless earbuds that have Have a cheap wireless charging onboard air pods pro are included. So it’s not limited to the buds live. But it’s still something cool to talk about.

Functionality wise the buds live are quite a bit better I showed earlier. Plus many of these features are available on iOS. With the galaxy buds app, you can customize the touch controls EQ, and even have the ability to toggle on and off ANC. While AirPods pro can be used on Android, it’s not the same experience that you get on iOS. The only thing that’s missing from the galaxy buds app is the gaming mode under the lab section, and the ability to read notifications. So really, you’re getting all of the main functionality out of your Galaxy buds on iOS. Lastly, the buds live feature in IP x two rating Versus the AirPods pro IP x four rating.

Neither are waterproof and really even water resistant. For that matter. They are splash resistant and sweat resistant, but the AirPods pro have a little bit more protection in many angles. It’s really not a big difference in my opinion. But still, I guess it’s important to mention, so the buds live coming out 169 bucks, the AirPods pro are 159 the galaxy buds plus around 100 bucks and the AirPods pro are 249 when looking at these prices and going by performance to dollar you can see why the buds live have quickly become my favorite pair of wireless earbuds.

I just think there’s a lot of value in them. But what do you think? Let me know down below. If you feel like picking up of the wireless earbuds that were talked about in this video. You can find links in the description.



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