NAB-Best Budget Filmmaking Setup Review

NAB-Best Budget Filmmaking Setup Review

Yo, what’s going on friends, And to another JC production where we deliver your daily dose of hotness, and oh my gosh, do I have something so hot for you today. So some of you already know, but I recently came back from an A B, which stands for the National Association of Broadcasters. Basically, it’s like a giant playground for camera lovers of all kinds. Literally, if you have read or seen it online, it was at the show, there are plenty of 2019 and AV videos already on the interwebs.

 And I wanted to do something a little bit different to make my content stand out from all the other content. So I took a different approach. Rather than doing typical event coverage, I walked around the nav floor and I found what I feel is the perfect camera kits under 2500 bucks if you’re looking to get started in content creation, or filmmaking. This kit includes a camera, a lens, a tripod, a tripod head, a microphone, some lighting, storage for your computer, pending that you have a computer, some software and a few other things.

 We’re going to talk all about it. The reason why I took this approach is because I was already on the floor so I can physically touch us and you gorgeous people. Obviously one of the most important parts the camera you’re going to be shooting on and for that the x t 34,000 bucks, you get the camera, a zoom lens or prime lens, you get to pick which one you want, depending on the bundle.

Some of you guys be wondering why didn’t choose the a 6400 cents, it’s pretty much the same price and you get a flip up screen, and we’re going to discuss why in just a minute. The Fuji xT 30 has full sensor readout just like the ACE 6400, which means by over sampling a 6k image However, unlike the a 6400 it oversamples 1080 p from a 3k readout. You can record 4k u HD and DCI at 30 and 23.98 frames per second. But more importantly, you can record true 24 frames per second while being able to the shutter speed to 148 you can record 120 frames per second and 1080 P which looks fantastic.

You get a USB C Port that allows you to power the camera using like a battery bank or external power. But if you hook up a dongle to it, it converts to a headphone jack, the a 6400 doesn’t have a headphone jack period. Now this is a personal preference, but I personally think that fujis colors are amazing and their film simulations are really unique. Plus, this isn’t like a throwaway beginners camera. This is a camera that can grow with you over time because fujis customer service and product support is second to none. They have been known to bring new features two cameras that are like two years old.

they just did this not too long ago by bringing 4k to a camera that was almost two years old. That’s that’s impossible. Oh yeah. And speaking of rolling with you, the Fuji xT 30 can record 4k 10 bit four to externally to device like the ninja five. This means that whenever you want to step up your image quality because you feel it’s time or squeeze a little bit more out of your footage in post production. You can since the Fuji xT 30 is so tiny I wanted to make sure we picked up a small ultra-portable tripod that offered great stability without breaking the bank.

For 219 bucks, which is an ultra compact aluminum tripod that features a small telescoping middle column, a ball head type mechanism and when paired with the Comodo head, you get an insanely fast quick release system whenever you need to break it down. carbon fiber version of the same tripod that has an extended telescoping middle column and weighs even less for a mic I decided to go with the Rode wireless go even though I wasn’t able to get hands-on time and a beef.

 it’s small, it’s like ultra-portable and really affordable coming in at 199 bucks. The best thing is just like the Fuji xT 30 It can grow with you progress so the wireless transmitter features a built in mic so there’s no reason to run out and buy an expensive love right away. However you get more funds in and you want to step up your audio game, it does feature a 3.5 millimeter locking jack so you can buy a more expensive or more premium lapel mic and plug it in in the future. Next up, we need some lightning aperture.

It features wireless charging which is impossible to see on a quick charge USB C and 75 minutes and you can get 100 minutes of use at full brightness on a single charge. The brightness is rated at 1000 Lux at Point three meters distance and since.

There’s different effects you can use such fireworks, explosions, breathing, etc. These can be controlled by the buttons on the built in display. However in the future, apertures other lights will be able to link to a network, the situs link bridge and controlled on your phone Hold up. The best thing about light is it’s only 79 bucks. It’s compact, it is Portable, it is affordable.

Assuming you already have a computer a beginner filmmaker, I feel like it is imperative to invest in reliable storage, let’s see showed off their new two big duck which definitely fits the bill coming in a 599 bucks it is on the pricier side, I completely understand that there are far less expensive options out there, but most are not going to give you the added versatility the two big doc offers.

You get SD and CF card slots right on the front which is great if you’re using a laptop or desktop that requires you to use a dongle or perform the reach around on the backside you get dual Thunderbolt three ports that support daisy chaining up to five devices. This means you can add on more docks you need to over time and raid them together. There’s a USB C 3.1 Port back here if you wanted to connect a display the two big comes in sizes ranging from eight terabytes to 28 terabytes, but if you’re just getting started, eight terabytes will be plenty.

 Finally, let’s talk about video editing software. you have Adobe cc Final Cut Pro 10, Sony Vegas, avid plus a lot more. However, if you just drop the many money on gear and you’re just getting started, you may not have the money to spend on video editing software. This is where DaVinci Resolve comes in. DaVinci Resolve is owned by black magic. And while I was at an A B they showcased resolve 16 which has a lot of optimization improvements. I’ve been a resolve user for a while now ever since resolved.

12.5 and personally I feel it takes the speed of Final Cut and combines it with the functionality of Premiere Pro After Effects and Adobe Audition. The killer thing about resolve is if you’re just getting started, you can get it free. And when you have the Cash the road to the studio version. Personally I would stay away from resolve 16 your main video editors since it’s still in it is beta stages, resolve 15 is really reliable, it’s really fast and it has a lot of functionality you’re not going to be disappointed even with the free version.

Well you kind hearted Big Brain Beautiful Creatures. That about does it for this video. Hopefully it was a little bit different than the rest of the nav coverage videos out there and you enjoy it again if you’re interested. I have covered, they can be found in the description below. If you have questions or just want to give me some feedback, leave it down below in the comment section.

If you enjoyed this video drop it like helps me out help me help you to produce better content help the channel grow. We’re gonna we’re gonna have explosive growth this year for sure we’re gonna do it. So focus let’s let’s let’s do it. If you guys want to see some behind the scenes hotness or just some different hotness other than YouTube hotness, make sure to follow me on Instagram and on Twitter.






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