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Performance Between Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus vs Apple iPad Review

What’s up, I hope you all are doing. Today we’re going to be talking about this the Galaxy Tab S seven plus, I’ve been using it for a little bit over a week. And I have to say I am blown away by the experience, since Apple recently dropped a bombshell with the 2020 iPad Air, which I gotta say, looks like a mighty fine tablet, it would be cool to give you seven plus reasons why I would choose the Galaxy Tab S seven plus over the new 2020 iPad Air. Before I do that, let me quickly preface this article by saying I have not used seen poked, touched turned on turned off or slept with the 2020 iPad Air, my thoughts and opinions could technically change I get the device in hand, and I’ll definitely be pre ordering.

I’m basing this video off of the specs Apple has listed on their website, my years and years of experience using every iPad since generation one and my experience using the Tab S seven plus by no means is this trying to steal Apple’s Thunder or downplay the 2020 iPad Air it’s to provide you a choice or an alternative to the iPad in Case iOS or iPad OS just isn’t your thing. The Galaxy Tab S seven plus packs a Snapdragon 865 plus an eight gigabytes of RAM.

 It packs a 10,000 900 million power battery and supports 45 watt charging the 2020 iPad Air is the first device we have the 14 bionic a five nanometers six core CPU with a four core GPU and a 16 core neural engine chip at the time of this video based off of a leaked into two benchmark the Snapdragon 865 and the 865 Plus is technically outperforming the a 14 bionic by quite a bit. This could have to do with pre production software and not being optimized or possibly discrepancies in the five nanometer chip production process.

Once I get my hands on the 2020 iPad Air, I will do a thorough performance test between these two tablets to take a closer look at what’s going on the iPad Air of 2019 had three gigabytes of RAM so I think it’s safe to say the 2020 variants will have a minimum of three gigabytes. Anyways, with that out of the way, Let’s it off with Reason number one for choosing the Tab S seven plus. And that’s the display of all of the tablets I’ve used including two in ones like the surface probe, the Tab S seven plus takes the cake, especially when it comes to just overall display quality.

 It has slightly more resolution than the iPad Air 2020. And it’s bigger coming out 12.4 inches Versus 10.9 inches a 16 by 10 aspect ratio making it more suitable for watching videos and playing games Versus the iPads more or less four by three aspect ratio, which is suitable for productivity style work. This is all subjective By the way, since Personally, I don’t have a problem with either of these aspect ratios and I like both equally. The only benefit I have to give the Tab S seven plus is been holding the device in portrait. It’s not only easier to hold but due to its longer. It’s better for reading in my opinion.

 The tablet seven plus packs a super m OLED display, which should provide punchy your contrast and more vibrant colors Versus the IPS panel found on the iPad Air 2020. You will immediately see this soon you turn on the Tab S seven plus it. The icing on the cake, is the 120 hertz fresh rates. It makes everything very smooth. Whether you’re gaming scrolling through the UI or watching a movie. Unfortunately, Apple reserves promotion for the iPad Pro lineup, so the iPad Air will be capped out at 60 hertz.

It’s not a deal-breaker by means, but it’s just not to the tab SM plus to go along with the display. Number two other quad speakers iPads have always packed great speakers but the quad speakers on the iPad pros are just on another level. Unfortunately, these speakers are not getting passed down to the iPad Air 2020. Instead, it’s using a dual stereo speaker design. The tavas seven plus, They’re not on the same page the 2020 iPad Pro I’ve been using, but they should definitely beat out the dual stereo speaker system on the 2020 iPad Air. Travel quick listen for yourself.

Yeah. There we go. Sometimes I lose control. There we go. Sometimes I lose control. or anywhere we go. Life is like a merry go and sometimes I can go on my fitness and I go on my priority. Even though I tried it like 1000 times. I won’t be the person who wasn’t by my side. you the most I saw you a third reason, The Tab S seven plus is the S Pen. Not only is it included in the box, but thanks to that 120 hertz display, the experience is impossible. I love the way Samsung made their optional bookcover keyboard Case to tuck the pen away, making it out of sight and out of mind, which reduces stress or worry you may have about losing your stylus.

 The one thing I will give the iPad is app selection, especially when it comes to specific apps use the Apple Pencil. I just find that iPad OS has more professional sketching or graphic designing applications. Moving on to number four we have decks in wireless decks, when it comes to choosing between these two tablets decks allows you to use the tablet seven plus in more of a Chrome OS or desktop style environment. This gives you big benefits in multitasking.

Sure, iPad OS has come a long way and running apps side by side does help but it’s nothing compared to having multiple app windows open, like you would on a true laptop. The great thing is you can set up dex to automatically start when attaching the keyboard to the Tab S seven plus. So you don’t even have to worry with you know going into the Quick Toggles in switching it on manually. I’m going to dive into decks on the Tab S seven plus even further in a separate video. So I won’t get too crazy in this one wireless decks makes casting the same desktop like environment to larger screens ridiculously easy.

This is useful for business someone or students that tend to give presentations frequently, you just want to share some photos or videos with the founder. Additionally, the SPN can act a slideshow doing these things. Five comes down to the price, which I’m sure many of you are about to attack me for saying since the iPad Air is 599. And the tablet seven plus is 849. But please, please just hear me out. the iPad Air you’re only getting 64 gigabytes Versus the 128 gigabytes on the Tab S seven plus.

To make things, you need to step up to the 256 gigabyte option, which now puts you at 749. The tablet seven plus comes with a stylus, the iPad Air 2020 making it $30 more expensive. Of course you may not want to pin in 64 gigabytes of storage be plenty for you. If that’s the Case in the iPad Air is definitely cheaper.

But it comes down to what you need, what you want, and what you already have to go along with five Samsung aggressive trading options, so you can technically get the price of the tab seven plus even lower with an eligible trade and make sure to check out the current offerings special incentives like Spotify YouTube premium, you know stuff like that It all adds up and creates a killer value. The seventh reason piggybacks off of number five since the tablet seven plus has user upgradeable storage a micro SD card slot up to one terabyte.

 I don’t even need to elaborate further on why this is awesome, especially when you think that the iPad Air can only be upgraded with cloud storage or by connecting an external drive through the USBC Port numero eight is faster charging speeds. The tablet seven plus may ship with a weaker charger than the iPad Air 2020 but it is compatible with Samsung’s 45 watt charger. In theory this should give you slightly faster charging speeds, especially burst charges since the iPad tops out at 30 watts, if I’m not mistaken, ninth is all about the Snapdragon 865 plus since it supports 5g connectivity.

the ptab s seven plus is the first tablet in the United States to support 5g including ultra wideband for speeds. According to Apple’s websites iPad Air supports 4g LTE speeds and Wi Fi six. But that doesn’t mean Apple can’t switch things up when it starts to ship the device or even after through an update since a 14 should be the same chip making its way into upcoming 5g iPhones. Lastly is cloud gaming. I understand Apple has officially stated Xbox game pass in other streaming services will be coming to the App Store.

But it’s already here on Android. Plus, thanks to the 120 hertz mo OLED display. Cloud gaming has never looked this good on a tablet at least in my opinion. Not to mention you can still play fortnight on the dabbas seven plus. Alright, so there we have it. That was 10 reasons I would choose the tablet seven plus over the iPad Air 2020 at least right now.

 Like I said this could change I use it and get the device in hand but honestly based off the reasons I listed in my experience with the tablet seven plus, I wouldn’t count on my mind being changed. Let me know what you think. Am I right or am I going to eat my words in October sound off down below.



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