The Best Smartphone Galaxy S20 FE Review

The Best Smartphone Galaxy S20 FE Review

In my opinion, Samsung has had a pretty great year when it comes to releases. I’m not talking about revenue sales or anything like that. I’m referring to actual tech, we’ve had the S 20 series including the introduction of a new ultra model, the galaxy z flip, and the Z flip five Jeep, the note 20 series with an ultra model. And then the galaxy fold two. Samsung has released a lot of a series phones this year, including, for the first time ever a few in the United States. For me, I gotta say it’s the fold too. But I don’t think this is Samsung’s best advice, at least for most people. Unfortunately, the Find out what phone is best for most people, you’ll need to be a fan, because it’s for fans only.

 If you’re not following me on Instagram, please be sure to do so I post a lot of sneaker stuff over there like this. And dogs stuff like this. And a few other random things. With that self promotion disaster out of the way. It’s technically a $700 phone, but I’ve seen it everywhere for 600 bucks unlocked. I’ll drop many links in the description. If you’re here in the US, the US 20 ft packs a Snapdragon 865 six gigabytes of RAM for us models, but some regions may have eight gigabytes.

 Us models come with 128 gigs of storage other regions may have 256 so make sure to double check. Regardless, there is a micro SD card slot for storage expansion, which is always nice. We have 5g Ultra wideband support and the Verizon model will have millimeter wave support. If you can cut this phone for 600 bucks or less, you’re getting one of the cheapest 5g mid-range phones on the market with flagship specs. The FAA even has reverse wireless charging up to 4.5 watts and ip 68 rating wireless decks a 120 hertz display and all of the camera modes from Samsung’s higher end devices such probing video mode and night mode, all that good stuff a total of four cameras thinking of three on the back and one on the front.

It has the same 12 megapixel regular wide camera the S 20 and s 20. Plus, which is a great sensor, the same 12 megapixel ultra wide camera the a 71 series and an eight megapixel three times optical telephoto. On the front. It’s the same 32 megapixel selfie camera the S 10 light, I did a video on the S 10 light A while back. So if you want to check it out, just hit the card at the top. Okay, so the reason I think the S 20 fv is the best galaxy smartphone for most people is price to performance. In order to get a better understanding of what we are discussing here, we need to compare it to a few different phones beginning with the S 20 an S 20.

Plus, unfortunately, I no longer have these two models in my hand. So I’ll be using the S 20 Ultra occasionally like placement in the B roll. Here’s a quick breakdown of the specs for each foam Feel free to pause the video if you’d like rather than going on and on about just the specs. I’d rather focus on a few key differences and some of the biggest complaints I’ve seen about the S 20 feet. First let’s talk about the display. Sure it’s only 1080 P or full HD plus, but you’re getting at 120 hertz display and it supports HDR 10 plus content. It’s a great looking display with plenty of brightness, even when compared to the quad HD plus displays on the S 20 and s 20. Plus, I would even argue that the experience is very similar when all three phones are using the 120 hertz modes since the s 20 and s 20. Plus both need to be in full HD plus to take advantage of this mode.

The F II has a 6.5 inch display placing it right in the middle between the S 20 and the S 20. plus which is nearly the perfect size phone in my personal opinion. I guess you could argue that the s 20 f II has large bezels but uh we really get a complaint about the size of the bezels on this phone and give the surface duo a pass. I don’t know Another difference is the fingerprint scanner. All three phones have an in display fingerprint scanner, the S 20 and s 20. Plus both use an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner while the FDA uses optical one plus and LG both use optical fingerprint scanners. They’re fine, they work great. And while they’re not secure an ultrasonic scanner, I don’t believe you have anything to worry about. I haven’t had issues with scanning my fingerprints just make sure the glass is clean and you don’t have anything on your fingertips. I would say the biggest difference people are going to notice right away is build quality.

 The SEC has a plastic back end feature Gorilla Glass three on the front Versus the Gorilla Glass six on the S 20 and s 20. Plus, I wish I could tell you the difference isn’t that drastic, but you can immediately feel the difference in weights and just overall quality. Obviously, the S 20 and S 20 plus are going to be a little more resilient, but I don’t think this is something you should be completely stressed out about. In terms of camera. The selfie camera on the FB has a higher resolution coming in at 32 megapixels Versus 10 on the S 20 and s 20.

Plus, the FAA allows you to take a bin shot compressing the 32 megapixels to 10 megapixels, which helps reduce noise and overall improves image sharpness. while being a smaller file size. I don’t have an S 20 or s 20 plus to compare the overall image quality but what I can say is the fi is completely capable and you can take some great looking selfies outside of the better telephoto camera and ultra wide The only real difference between the S 20. And the FP is 8k video which the FP tops out at 4k 60. But this isn’t a bad thing. Samsung’s most expensive phone, the galaxy fold two doesn’t shoot 8k video, the S 20 Plus is a little bit of a different story.

 Which can be used for 3d models. It’s a very niche thing to do. And something I wouldn’t say is a big advantage for the average consumer. it is an added benefit. I’ve seen a lot of people comment on Twitter and on YouTube that they would rather pay the more money and just get the S 20. based off of everything that I’ve already told you I don’t see what the benefit is to buying an S 20 bill quality and how a phone feels means nothing when you put a Case in a screen protector on your phone. 8k video is cool, but is it really something you need?

The higher resolution display is nice, but you put it into 120 hertz, it’s pretty much the same thing. Not to mention the battery drain on the S 20 ns 20 plus will be slightly higher due to the higher resolution display. Plus the Effie has a bigger battery than the S 20. If the price difference was 25 to 50 bucks, I can see why you would entertain this idea. But based off the prices in the US for a new s 20 and a new f e it’s 100 to 150 bucks difference. What’s funny is the S 20 Plus is on sale right now at b&h affiliate links in the description that phone is 699 bucks, which would technically be a better choice until you see that the 20 plus that’s on sale is the Exynos version.

 Plus, it’s still 100 bucks more than the fee. At least three years updates for the fee which puts it in line with the other s 20. And even note 20 models, giving it continued life support after purchasing. Sure there is the argument that six gigabytes of RAM isn’t enough. And that is something that will come down to your usage. For the average consumer smartphone user. Six gigabytes should be plenty. As long Android and Samsung’s one UI skin don’t get too crazy over time and consume system resources should be fun.

The FA may not be a technological masterpiece like the galaxy fold two. or feature set that the note 20 Ultra offers. But let’s be real, those phones are not for the masses. They’re for tech enthusiasts and people that want the latest and greatest. Which if we’re being honest, equate to a very small percentage of smartphone users. Yes, funny. He brings a great balance of cost performance. And this is why I think it’s the best galaxy smartphone for the normal everyday person. What do you think about the new Galaxy S 20 Effie? Do you agree with me or am I crazy and deranged and an idiot? Let me know down below.






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