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An Exclusive Device Galaxy S10 Plus Review

Hi, Everyone I got some Galaxy S 10 plus g 13 classified camera, secrecies. Actually, it’s just like some tips and tricks and some stuff that I felt like wasn’t fully discussed. So I’m sorry about the clickbait. But before we begin the video, I just want to say I am blown away by all the love that you guys showed in my last video, and you know that your beautiful asses don’t go unseen.

So, thank you, thank you for all the support all the kind words. Now let’s talk about some Galaxy S 10 secrecies. Number one, the video record limit. So the video record limit on the Galaxy S 10. Plus, I haven’t tried it on the S 10 or the S 10 e but I’m assuming sin cameras and processor basically same internals, it should be the same. for long you want.

There’s no limit. or a little bit over 60 minutes of 4k 60 frames per second in the phone never stopped and never stopped recording, it got a little warm to the touch but definitely not hot, the phone didn’t shut down, it didn’t overheat it function just fine. And being that 4k 60 is a little bit more taxing on the processor, regular 4k is going to be fine 1080 P is going to be fine. And you can shoot until your little heart is content.

So with video recording on Android, it uses a fat 32 file system limitation, basically meaning that you are recording video, it is not going to stop recording, it’s going to continuously record. But that file hits four gigabytes, it’s going to roll the remaining footage into a another four gigabyte block, it will continue to do this over and over and over, leaving you with a bunch of files that are similar to four gigabytes. Or if you’re recording 4k 60 on the Galaxy S 10. Plus approximately 13 minutes and 33 seconds, you can see here, because this is my 4k 60 broken up into four different files.

This isn’t an problem you are trying to edit the footage on your computer, because you can drop all the clips and older and like premiere or final cuts, that’s gonna play back seamlessly, you’re not going to notice the cuts whatsoever. Now on your phone, you’re not going to be able to view a seamless, I said, they’re broken into multiple files. The way to go about this is to download some type of video editor for Android like something from Filmora or something from PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere rush, something like that.

And then it’s the same concept just place your clips in order in the timeline, and then export, everything will be seamless. I did try to do a workaround. And I changed the file format of a micro SD card from fat 32 to x fat, but it didn’t really work. So if you guys have ideas you want me to try something, let me know down below number two H e VC or high efficiency video codec, a little bit better video quality and ultimately smaller file sizes.

This way it can save some space on your phone. And you’re gonna get the most out of that fat 32 file system limitation, go ahead and launch the camera app, go into the settings on the camera app, scroll down until you paid recording options, and then look up at the top and it says high efficiency video.

And that’s it. The downside of this is if you share this video with someone that’s running an older phone that doesn’t support HVC, they’re not going to be able to view the video. But most modern phones and most modern laptops and computers do support this file format so you should be just fine. Number 3 enables, Hei f photo codecs. Samsung has always supported raw photo capture, I covered it in my note nine Tips and Tricks video, which is right up here, you should watch it support me help me help you because it’s a good video.

The same However, with one UI, they switch things around a little bit. And you have a difficult time finding, how to file format, which is the Hbi f format, or high efficiency image format, which is the same thing the high efficiency video codec. And a sense that it gives you better compression with reduced file sizes so you can save some space on your phone. your camera settings. Scroll down until you see save options.

 Open that and then you’re gonna see Hei f pictures and raw copies. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you want to take advantage of the raw photo capture, you have to use promo code which brings me to number four. Always use promo code. The reason why I recommend that you use promo code is because with promo code you could getting your raw image And your jpg, you can control your focus. So you can do manual, you can do middle focus, or you can have access to all of the focus Points.

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 So if you’re looking to build a website, or just find a new website hosting platform for a website that’s already built, check out hosting for all your needs. Number 5, HDR 10 plus and switching cameras. So if you notice, whenever you launch your camera app, go into your settings HDR 10. Plus, you can only use the regular lens you can’t switch to the wide angle or the telephoto. Unfortunately, you can’t use the wide angle with HDR 10 Plus, but you can use the telephoto, and here’s how.

So what you’re going to want to do is go into your camera, make sure HDR 10 Plus is turned off, then switch to the telephoto lens, then go back into your settings to HDR 10 plus. Now when you go back to the camera, you’ll see that you’re still using the telephoto lens. However, you’re now using HDR 10 Plus, creating a GIF in the camera app. So creating a GIF isn’t anything new. Samsung has had this feature for years, at least long I can remember. But with one UI things did switch around a little bit. And I’m going to show you how you can do it right from the camera app.

And it’s really simple. So here’s what you do, launch your camera app, go into your camera settings, scroll down until you see hold shutter button to by default, it will say take burst shot, tap on that tap on create GIF. Now when you hold your shutter button, rather than doing 3000 burst shots, you’re gonna create a gift. This is kind of cool, I gotta admit it’s so when you guys get your Galaxy S 10 year s 10 Plus or your S 10 II, make sure to create some gifts, upload them to Twitter or on Instagram and tag me in your post.

Because I want to see what you guys can make. This is gonna be fun. Number seven, take a live focus selfie with the wider angle. So by default, if you launch a camera app, and you go to the front facing camera and you switch to live focus, I’m going to notice that it’s pretty cropped, then like only my nose was live focused. It wasn’t much. And if you missed my video on the Galaxy S nine plus Versus the Galaxy S 10. Plus the crop on the S 10 Plus is quite a bit more than the S nine plus, which really didn’t make sense.

Well, I found a fix. So what you’re going to want to do is launch the camera app, go to your front facing camera, but don’t leave and go into live focus. Switch to the wider field of view, then go into live focus. And now you’ll notice that you can take a wide angle live focus selfie, you are again. Man, I’m just saving lives today. I’m doing it. I feel good. Number 8 shot. It’s just giving you some information about shot, because I was kind of in the dark about this.

And I had to use it in order to really understand its limitations. And that’s what this is about. So the first thing is it’s only into natp. As much I want to see this in 4k, like the GoPro Hero seven has, it doesn’t do it. So just remember to nabp only you’re going to be just fine. I mean, most average consumers don’t even care anyways, the next thing is that it uses a wider field of view, but not the full field of view of the wide angle.

I don’t even know if that made sense. But basically what happens is it switches to the wide angle but then crops in on that sensor a little bit so you don’t get the full field of view of the wide angle camera just a Portion. I know why they did it, they have to do it for smoothening basically is using digital stabilization, which produces a crop but in order to get the smoothest video, you need to be using the wide angle so it makes sense.

 So because the wide angle has very small microns and it has a very high aperture. It doesn’t do good in Like so if you’re shooting video with a shot on invalid situations, it’s gonna be very bad it’s gonna be noisy it’s gonna be artifact de facto artifacting that about does it for me you gorgeous perfectly postured, sexy individuales I have some more galaxy esting content lined up that you’re not going to want to miss, including like a beginner’s walkthrough guide just like I did with the note nine focusing on the camera features and functions some just regular phone features.

So nothing in this video made sense and you’re using 4k like a running mode and you think that HDR 10 Plus.



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