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One Of The Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

I’ve been using the titanium galaxy watch three for a few weeks and while it’s a great looking smartwatch that feels impossible, it’s a bit difficult to recommend.

The 45 millimeter galaxy watch three starts at like 400 bucks for the Wi Fi only model and the 45 millimeter titanium version is 600 bucks the titanium model has no LTE or 42 millimeter options spec wise the titanium is the same the stainless steel Variant. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a quick breakdown of the specs Feel free to pause the video if you want to.

This means both are equal when it comes to tracking fitness, sleep and even fall prevention. Recently Samsung rolled out an update adding ECG and respiratory system monitoring for all galaxy watch three models and active two models. Since I really never got around to reviewing the galaxy watch three and the design is the only real difference between the titanium and stainless steel models. I’m going to approach the rest of this video my Galaxy watch three review but with a little titanium sprinkled on top.

The titanium model comes with a nice link bracelet out of the box it is a little bit too big the size. This is the first feature I’ve got to give Samsung props for the process of removing links is intuitive and by far the easiest link bracelet. The links that are removable have small indentations and markings on them. pressing on the indentation correctly will eject the pin which can be pulled out using the tool that Samsung provides in the box. It’s seriously that simple.

 swapping the band entirely is super simple. While aligning the pins on the band to the holes on the watch lugs. I did have trouble occasionally due to the size of the lugs but after a while I learned the process. So when it comes to the titanium galaxy watch three the casing is the only part that’s made of titanium the band is made of stainless steel. I’m sure this was done to cut back some costs since a titanium ban will set you back more than 100 bucks, at least for a good one. But I still wish Samsung would have included one in the box.

 I mean that would have been noted been pretty cool. Regardless, the titanium galaxy watch three feels awesome on the wrist. The casing is lighter Versus the stainless steel model by about 10 grams. But the cool thing is that the lightness doesn’t mean weakness. there are some that use a new super titanium material that are four to five times stronger than steel. The problem with titanium smart watches is simple. This is unlike traditional titanium watches that are considered timeless watch pieces because they don’t have electronics in of them.

Basically, you’re spending more money for a long lasting watch exterior. That will become outdated internally in a year or less. Not to mention battery degradation over time. And competitive trading values. So after a year or two if you think. It shouldn’t set you back too much long. Thanks to the titanium material cosmetically, it looks awesome. I love the titanium label on the casing.

 That said if you’re thinking it’s going to be a big difference Versus the stainless steel model. It’s not. I said the same thing about the black titanium Apple Watch. So I have to say with the galaxy watch three. The only difference in looks is that the stainless steel model is glossy while the titanium model is slightly matte. Personally, I prefer the matte look and I think it’s very stylish, especially if you’re into fashion and streetwear. I love the rotating bezel. This is something that Samsung has nailed ever since the Gear S two and I’m happy to see it’s on the Galaxy watch three. If you’ve never used it, you’ll probably think I’m crazy. But it’s seriously so much more practical in my personal opinion.

 Then the digital crown found on the Apple Watch. It makes navigating a breeze and it makes interacting with your watch. extremely unique. Of course without the proper software support and optimization, the rotating bezel would be pointless. This is where ties in comes into play if you didn’t know already ties in is Samsung’s own operating system. Unlike one UI, which is just a skin on top of Android ties in is built from the ground up based on the Linux kernel I really enjoy ties in. I think the layout is a bit better than watching us and I find Tyson to be much snappier than Android where the problem used to be app supports in limited selection.

Honestly, The original galaxy watch. It now supports over 60,000 apps and watch faces, which is more than the Apple Watch technically, but it still lacks many of the key apps and the overall quality of the apps that are found on watch us. However, I don’t think it’s bad some make it out to be plus there’s a lot of cool things to love about the galaxy watch three and ties in such the built in keyboard, full internet browser and awesome Spotify support. Due to the galaxy watch three having eight gigabytes of onboard storage, I can save Spotify playlist directly to the watch.

This way I can continue listening to music even if I don’t have my phone. Since the titanium version is Wi Fi only like I said. Another really nice thing about the galaxy watch three is that it can be used iPhone. Granted, it is very limited compared to when you are attached to an Android device. But, flexibility is pretty nice. The display is great. Everything is fresh with plenty of color and contrast. and the touch responsiveness is great. I love the round design over the squarish design of the Apple Watch since it feels more in my personal opinion, like a timepiece.

The fitness tracking I found to be pretty good, it can automatically detect up, it has the ability to track 40 different workouts. These workouts include things like yoga all the way to like a hit session. The automatic tracking can be hit or miss depending on the exercise. But for simple things like going for a brisk walk or a jog. It’s pretty accurate. There’s a run coach built right into the software that will give you tips while you’re on a run and will analyze your run stats and give you feedback in post.

 The run coach will analyze the following asymmetry contact flight time, regularity, stiffness and vertical oscillation it will then tell you the areas that you need to improve to get better. The Galaxy watch three plays nicely when trying to work out from home. Using a compatible Samsung device in the Samsung Health app, you can cast a workout straight to your Samsung TV. If you feel like exercising at the house.

 The Galaxy watch three will vibrate when it’s time to switch positions. And to keep you on track all while synching your data to the Health app. There’s around 120 programs and videos you can try for free. The one thing I highly recommend though before you jump into exercising with this particular watch is to spend in a silicone band. The titanium is definitely lighter than the stainless steel but the stainless steel band on the titanium model is a little annoying when you’re trying to exercise. Sleep tracking is another feature that I find to be really nice.

You’re sleeping to generate a sleep score. you insights from the National Sleep Foundation, the importance of catching enough Z’s at night. The tips are pretty vague, though, and they’re not really specific to your sleeping patterns or needs. The Health app will track my sleeping and all of my calories burned while I’m sleeping and the morning. the time I spent awake, how much time I was in REM lights and deep sleep tracking your vitals works pretty good, but I did find that sometimes the results are a little different than what the Apple Watch will give me.

 Nonetheless, I think it does a great job when it comes to overall health monitoring. This includes the added benefit of fall prevention, which will alert the proper contact in Case you take a tumble battery life on the watch three is great and far better than my Apple Watch. At least in my use. I’m able to get at least two days of use from the watch 3 sometimes even more depending on how often I used it the day in times of an emergency I can always just use wireless power share on my note 20 Ultra or galaxy fold to to give it some juice or to top it off. So let’s wrap this up.

I think the titanium galaxy watch three is a fantastic smartwatch, especially if you’re using a Samsung smartphone. you are using a galaxy fold two or note 20 Ultra like I am I completely recommend grabbing a galaxy watch three. But spending the more money on the titanium version is a difficult recommendation. If you have an more 200 bucks to spend. I think you’re going to love it. It looks great. It feels great and it’s  very durable. But in the end, I think Samsung should have done a little bit more to make the titanium model stand out from the stainless model, a larger battery or even a different unboxing experience to really entice people to buy that particular model.

 I feel like it needs something other than just being made of higher end materials. This isn’t an attack on Samsung because Cuz I appreciate they have done. But I said the same thing for the titanium Apple Watch. So I have to keep it real and say the same thing here. At least the Apple Watch was available in a roll titanium color Versus black only, which believe it or not makes a big difference when comparing it to the looks of the stainless steel counterparts. Plus the Sapphire display on the Apple Watch. And another thing Samsung really should have considered. Like I said, if you have the more money, the titanium version is awesome. But if you don’t have the Cash, do not sweat it, you’re really not missing out on anything.

Grab yourself the stainless steel model with many more bands and you’re going to have a killer experience.



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