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First Impression Of iPhone 12 Pro Review

Hey, what’s up, hope you guys are good. Now, before we dive into the article, if you’re not following me on Instagram, please be sure to head over there and give me a follow, I post stuff like this. And this, one little bit of this sprinkled on top. And it’s always nice to have people like you guys to support me on other platforms, because you guys are awesome. So if you can head over there and give me a follow, but that being said, quick, shameless plug out of the way, let’s go ahead.

So this one’s pretty neat. What you’re going to do is go into the settings, scroll down until you see camera, and then tap on camera, go down and where it says smart HDR, just toggle it off. Now that smart HDR is toggled off, if I go into the camera app, there’s an HDR toggle, right here in the top right. If you notice that your pictures are coming out a little funny, maybe your colors are a little off white balances and looking so good.

You have an problem with scene detection, which is a new feature in of the camera app. We’re going to go under camera, right where we just were. And right here it says scene detection. And it does this by using machine learning to automatically improve the photo depending on what you’re taking a photo of. But if you notice that it’s not working correctly, it’s your colors, your white balance, maybe the image is too sharp, you can just toggle it off, retake the photo, and then you can go back into the settings and then toggle it back on if you want to do, you notice that there’s a lot of noise in the video, there’s something that you can do that improve it, you’re going to go into the settings, go back under the camera, right here, tap on record video.

And right here you’re just going to toggle that off and then record the same video, you be shocked when you see how much it could possibly improve your video. If you notice that it doesn’t improve your video. and 60 frames per second. You can toggle that back on. But I’m telling you based off my testing, and from what I’ve seen, toggling it off gives you the best looking video in light. One thing that’s really impressive about the iPhone 12 Pro is that it can record 4k up to 60 frames per second in Dolby Vision HDR.

That’s really impressive. However, when you’re sharing, you notice depending on the machine you’re trying to play it back on, it’s really overexposed and doesn’t look right. Well you can talk about HDR video off that way. And you don’t have to worry about issues when trying to watch it on a different machine until everything is fully supported that is so what you’re going to do is go under Settings, you’re going to go under camera, like we’ve been under, you’re going to tap on record video, and you’re going to make sure HDR video is toggled off.

 And that’s it. especially the iPhone, in photo and in the video, you can pull up an exposure meter. If that’s something you’re more comfortable with. Even though it’s not good a histogram, it’s still something, let me show you how to pull it up, you’re going to go into your camera app. And then you’re just going to swipe up.

And that’s your exposure meter. So you can see I’m going into overexposure. And if I keep it at zero, it’s going to let me know that it is perfectly exposed right now at least according to the metering. Now, this not be new, let me know in the comment section and mine idiots have I’ve just been blind and not seeing this, or is it new to iOS 14 into the iPhone 12. I’d like to know. But what’s really nice is that it’s not just for photo. So if we go under video, and then swipe up. You can see the meter right there. It’s really, really neat. Motion photos aren’t anything new.

They’ve been around for a while. I get a new phone. But there’s a lot of people out there. And for those people. Did you know that there’s a few things. Let me show you. me being goofy, not sure what I’m doing. And then I swipe up on the photo. You can see I have different effects here.

You can see it bounces Back and forth, I can do a long exposure, which is going to be a big blur. And that’s it. So if you wanted to do a boomerang, you could pretty much do loop or bounce, upload it to Instagram. And that’s how you can convert a live photo to a boomerang, one thing I really miss is being able to hold down on the shutter button to take a burst shot that’s been replaced now with holding it down and recording video, which is still really neat and useful.

 But I like the burst shop. However, you can get that back, we’re gonna go into the settings, and then we’re going to go under camera. And then we’re going to look for volume up for burst. Toggle that on. Now if I go back to the camera app, and then press on the volume up button and just hold it down. You can see it’s now taking burst. So basically it replaces the shutter button for burst with the volume button. And I really, really liked that. One thing to think when doing burst shots is that the quality of the photos may decrease.

I don’t know how much they’re going to decrease in quality, but they will decrease especially if you’re doing like 100 shots like you can get kind of crazy with it. And then you’re going to get lower quality images, because it’s prioritizing the faster shooting speeds. If you want to prioritize quality. Let me show you, you’re going to go back into the settings go under camera. And then where it says prioritize faster shooting, you’re just going to toggle that off, it’s still going to do a burst shot, but it may not be able to keep up that burst shot for long if this toggle was turned on.

 So now you’re going to get higher quality photos at the cost of possibly less burst shots or just not fast of shooting. The next two things I want to share with you aren’t in of the stock camera app. So we’re gonna have to download 2/3 party apps. The first one is doubletake, you have remembered back when the iPhone 11 was announced. Filmic Pro came on stage and they demoed the ability to record from all four cameras. And we didn’t really see that make its way into the stock camera app.

 However, there’s a separate app from filmic and it’s called doubletake, and you can download it and gain the ability to record from multiple cameras at the same time. It’s really sweet. The second app and the last thing I want to share with you is how to scan your environment in 3d space for 3d rendering or 3d modeling. And you can potentially even record 3d models. And the app is called the 3d scanner app. Super original name. I guess the 3d scanner App uses the LIDAR sensor to scan your environment and objects in your environment in a 3d space. And then it gives you all of that information, you can export it, you can mess around with it.

There’s a lot that you can do. And there’s other apps that are similar to this one in the app store. I encourage you to explore the App Store and take a look at some of the apps that will take advantage of the LIDAR sensor in you know, create some 3d models and do some fun stuff. Well, that was several tips and tricks for your iPhone 12 Pro camera, let me know in the comment section which tricks were useful to you and if none of them were useful to you let me know that. I’m trying to perfect these videos and only deliver information that is useful to all of you.



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