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The Difference Between Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy Note 10 Review

recently decided to put down the S 20. Ultra give up the old iPhone 11 Pro, and switch over to the note 10 plus again. by delivering an overwhelming number of software updates. However, I was greeted with a seemingly new experience. it was almost like a different device thanks to one ui 2.1, so many new features, it got me thinking, if I was looking to Should I pick up the note 10 plus over the note 20? Well, let’s talk about it to be clear the experience to one ui 2.1 wasn’t bad. it was great and 2.1.

Now it’s one ui 2.5 or later to be seen. This means that it’s going to be able to do everything the note 10 plus can do and quite possibly a little more. Going back to the notes in plus one ui 2.1 didn’t just bring a flood of new features which we’ll talk about soon. It brought unusual performance improvements, making the notes in plus feel slightly compared to day one, the layout in of display, software updates and Wi Fi settings. to access an improved usability by making things physically easier to navigate.

 In a functional sense. apps can now be forced to stay open in order to prevent the need for pages to fresh or reload, which really helps take advantage of the 12 gigabytes of RAM. On the opposite side of this, you can now put applications into deep sleep forcing them not to fresh and continuously stay active in the background. This brings more performance improvements and prolong battery life if used properly.

 the note 10 and note 10 plus experience, like I said in the beginning, there were quite an additional features brought over including camera improvements. Since we don’t fully know what the note 20 will shoot in terms of frame software settings. Let’s use the S 20 Ultra our filon. The note 10 plus can now do this . Pro video mode was a feature many people including myself, were really upset that Samsung removed from one UI. Luckily Samsung brought it back to the s 20 series.

 And now with one ui 2.1. The no 10 series has it. Speaking of camera modes, single tick is on the note 10 plus. Even though I rarely use it, it’s nice to see that they’ve added it. Samsung added nighttime hyperlapse which if I’m not mistaken, we saw first on the S 20 series. The front facing camera and smart selfie angle which the crop based on how many people are in the shot. I think one of the most slept on features that we first saw on the S 20 is the ability to switch between the front-rear cameras while recording video.

And again, this was brought over to the notes in the notes and plus, there are several other changes the camera app including usability changes, image processing, and AR emoji is now part of a larger umbrella section titled AR feature management done modes and easy to read and easy to find location. There’s even a mode for the time of flight 3d depth sensing camera built right into the app, rather than having to be a separate download. So Good job guys.

Outside of the camera app, there have been a plethora of new things added to one ui 2.1 quick share and music share are now available on the note 10 series. If you’re unfamiliar with these features, check out the card above even though the video is about the es 20 Ultra. it’s applicable to the note 10 series if you’re running one ui 2.1 the Messages app now has a category section. a lot of conversations going, the gallery app has been updated and now has the ability to zoom and crop which I use all the time on the es 20 Ultra due to the 108 megapixel sensor.

 There’s a better photo editor with many new settings to including the ability to resize your image. My Files now has FTP and SMB protocol support. They even added support and functionality to good luck. multi-star now has support for multi-focus.

 If you didn’t know multi-star allows you to run apps side by side that would not be allowed to do so multi-focus ensures that if you’re using the app on the bottom, then the app on the top won’t timeout or stop running navstar is not I’m working on the note 10 series long you’re not using the gesture based navigation. This allows you to customize the navigation bar with tons of icons, colors, sizes, many other settings. and Tricks video where I’ll be going over many of these new features.

The Samsung keyboard has a new look. Plus, Google Translate support and Samsung pass, there’s an option to use an undo gesture and the ability to keep the symbol panel open. All of these things were on the es 20 out of the box, and I suspect that they’re going to be on the note 20 until it gets one UI three-point out. Lastly, dex has even seen improvements. There’s now screen snapping which makes organizing and multitasking between apps a little bit easier.

 multi touch gesture support on trackpads is now a thing on the note 10 and note 10 plus, which makes multitasking and navigation much easier. Plus dex routines can be set up for when launching into dex mode. So that way you can automate apps to open dex mode is initiated and you can begin your workflow based on your location even like I said, Samsung has done a great job with the Galaxy Note 10 and note 10 Plus, turning an already great phone into a freshed version of a phone. That’s great. Now don’t get me wrong, the note 20 will be a better performing phone when we compare the benchmarks of my s 20 Ultra that has 16 gigabytes of RAM and a Snapdragon 865 Versus the note 10. Plus with 12 gigabytes of RAM and Snapdragon 855, you can clearly see the S 20 Ultra scored higher.

This is to be expected and a prime example of how benchmarks don’t equate to real world use. I use my phones religiously day in and day out. Personally, I hardly notice a difference when it comes to performance. The biggest differentiator between these two phones is the 120 hertz display, which is immediately obvious makes the es 20 Ultra seem like a much faster device. But this is almost like a mirage. Since when dropping the S 20 Ultra to 60 hertz. I think this is going to be the Case with the note 20 Versus the net simplus.

That said there are things to note 20 will be able to do that the note 10, This includes higher resolution photos with better noise reduction due to the larger sensor. 8k video recording of course has to be mentioned and of course 5g. Additionally, this is a great transition to probably the biggest reason why many people would choose the notes in over the note 20. And that’s price. No no 20s price is to be released. But most sources are saying the note 20 is going to start at 999 with the plus and the ultra models being even more expensive.

The note 10 plus came with a price tag of 11 $100 for the 256 gigabyte model and 12 $100 for the 512 at the time of this video, you can grab one for between 800 to 900 new, if you go the US routes, then you can grab one for less than 700 bucks in some places. Of course the price will go down even more. So keep your eyes open.

 But those numbers in mind, I want you to think about all of those features we went over and all of the improvements that Samsung has pushed to the note 10 series. Now comment down below and let me know do you think the notes in or notes in plus is potentially a much better value than the note 20 even if we don’t know the pricing at this Point, I think it’s safe to say we have a good idea and what to expect from the note 20 in terms of price.



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